Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora contracts with more than 1000 community pharmacies throughout New Zealand to provide pharmacy services to all New Zealanders.

Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (ICPSA)


For a 1 July – 30 June contract year.

A change to the contract year, will only come into effect if all community pharmacy providers that currently hold an ICPSA agree to Variation 5 before 5:00 pm, 20 November 2023.


October 2022

Variation 4 (effective 1 October 2022)

National Annual Agreement Review 

The Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement provides that, before 1 October each year, there will be a national review of the nationally-consistent parts and service schedules of the Agreement, and possibly any or all parts of Schedule 3B. The review will consider reasonable cost pressure adjustments, and any other matters identified as important by Te Whatu Ora or pharmacies.


It must be completed by July each year so any changes can be adopted on 1 October. 

Terms of reference

National Annual Agreement Review Terms of Reference (PDF, 194KB)
Last updated July 2018


The ICPSA enables an Expert Advisory Group (EAG) to advise on pharmacy and pharmacist services generally and consider changes to the agreement if required.


EAG Terms of Reference (PDF, 198KB)
Last updated February 2024

EAG Terms of Reference (DOCX, 95KB)
Last updated February 2024

Service information

Co-Dispensed Opioid Services (CDOS)


Clozapine Protocol (PDF, 333KB)
Last updated October 2018


Community pharmacies should be familiar with the Medsafe datasheets for all funded brands of clozapine. These are available at  Medsafe’s page of datasheets. For more information, refer to Schedule 3A.4 in the ICPSA.

Long-Term Conditions (LTC)

Community Pharmacy Anti-coagulation Management Services (CPAMS)

Age-Related Residential Care (ARRC) Pharmacy Services

Residents in Aged Residential Care facilities are eligible to use the service. A key component of this service is delivery of prescribed medicines to facilities.


A ‘reasonable interpretation’ of the Age Related Residential Care Service Specifications has been created to support you work with GPs and ARRC facilities to provide pharmacy services. It provides guidance to help you understand what services you are and are not funded to provide and what is realistically expected of you. Contact your Portfolio Manager for more information.


Reasonable interpretation of the ARC Service Specifications (PDF, 482KB)
Last updated November 2018