This publication, which has been prepared for, and is published by, Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora, is for the assistance of those involved in providing immunisation services in New Zealand.

While the information and advice included in this publication are believed to be correct, no liability is accepted for any incorrect statement or advice. No person proposing to administer a vaccine to any other person should rely on the advice given in this publication without first exercising his or her professional judgement as to the appropriateness of administering that vaccine to another person.

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This is version 4 of the Immunisation Handbook 2024, released 16 July 2024.

Summary of changes


Summary of changes from previous Immunisation Handbook version (2024 version 3).

See summary of changes

See summary of changes
Section detail Change
Major changes
  • Chapter 4 and chapter 13 Meningococcal disease: funded Nimenrix (Meningococcal ACWY) vaccine to replace NeisVac-C (Meningococcal C) vaccine on the extended immunisation programme for special groups. No change to eligibility criteria. 
  • Chapter 4 and chapter 24 Zoster: Shingrix (Zoster) vaccine for widened eligibility criteria now includes certain groups with immunocompromise aged 18 years and over.  
  • Privacy updates related to the Aotearoa Immunisation Register.  Replaced all references to the ‘Privacy Act 1993’ with ‘Privacy Act 2020’. Replaced all references to the ‘Health Information Privacy Code 1994’ with ‘Health Information Privacy Code 2020’
      Chapter 4
      Immunisation of special groups
      • Section 4.2.3 Infants with congenital heart disease – wording edited around stand-down period for measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR) and varicella vaccine (VV), after receiving blood products (linking to changes already made in Appendix 6). 
      • Section 4.2.5 Infants of mothers who received immunomodulatory agents – updated rotavirus vaccine recommendations – can receive if have had anti-TNF agents.
      • Reordered some sections to place live vaccine caution ahead of COVID-19 vaccine details, as it is a higher priority. Added COVID-19 recommendations to chronic lung disease to align with Starship Hospital guidelines.
      Chapter 8
      Hepatitis A
      • vaccine brand name updated from Havrix, to Havrix 1440. 
      Chapter 13
      Meningococal disease
      • Updated ESR epidemiology data and figures. 
      Chapter 15

      & Chapter 4
      Immunisation of Special Groups
      • Clarification of recommended but not funded booster frequency for some occupational groups; can be offered every 5-10 years in accordance with employer recommendations. 
      Chapter 18
      • Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) – added mention of Guillain Barre syndrome safety signal.