The Ministry of Health appreciates the time, expertise and commitment of those involved in developing the New Zealand Obstetric Ultrasound Guidelines.

Content within these guidelines is derived and modified from Canterbury District Health Board’s obstetric imaging guidelines with permission.

All scan images were kindly provided by members of the clinical working group.

Members of the clinical working group

  • Dr Rachael McEwing, Radiologist (Chair)
  • Dr David Perry, Paediatric and Obstetric Radiologist
  • Gill Waterhouse, Sonographer
  • Dr Pippa Kyle, Consultant Obstetrician and Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Rex de Ryke, Charge Sonographer

Peer reviewers

  • Dr Jay Marlow, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Martin Necas, Clinical Specialist Sonographer
  • Dr Rachel Belsham, Radiologist
  • Dr Tom Gentles, Paediatric Cardiologist