We are working to transform our health system, because every person deserves to receive quality care that meets their needs. For too long, Māori have been left behind. A more equitable system will uplift the health and wellbeing of not only whānau Māori, but of all New Zealanders. 

Thriving whānau 

E kore teenei whakaoranga e huri ki tua o aku mokopuna. 

Our mokopuna shall inherit a better place than we inherited. 


Our vision is to create a new health system focused on pae ora (healthy futures) for all people, patients, whānau, and our healthcare workforce.   

At the core of this is tino rangatiratanga and mana motuhake, driving self-determination in our communities.   

There are three interconnected elements in achieving our vision:  

Mauri ora | healthy individuals

Shifting the mauri (life force) of a person from one that is languishing to one that is flourishing.

Whānau ora | healthy families 

Creating strong, healthy, empowered whānau, enabling them to uplift their own health and wellbeing.  

Wai ora | healthy environments

Acknowledging the crucial connection and impact of the whenua and living environment to the health and wellbeing of whānau, hapū, iwi and communities.


There are many initiatives and services to help us achieve pae ora (healthy futures). Find out more here: 

  • Mātauranga Māori

    Mātauranga Māori is the knowledge system that encompasses Māori culture, values, traditions, and worldviews.
  • Priority actions from Te Pae Tata

    The priority actions Te Whatu Ora will take to recognise Te Tiriti and to improve Māori health outcomes.
  • Midwifery & Early Years

    Our Kahu Taurima programme for maternity and early years services is crucial for our country’s future.
  • Primary and Community Care

    Our regional teams help to decide the best way to allocate funding to hauora Māori partners for primary and community care services.
  • Oranga Hinengaro

    Oranga Hinengaro, in essence, is mental wellbeing from Māori perspectives.
  • Public and population health

    We work with our regional teams, Māori partnerships, and various health services to enhance the standard of public healthcare and reduce health inequalities across Aotearoa New Zealand. 
  • Funding for individuals

    We're boosting efforts to attract, develop and retain Māori kaimahi who are committed to contributing to better health outcomes for all.  
  • Funding for Hauora Māori

    We’re growing and supporting hauroa Māori partners, through commissioning and funding, to deliver te ao Māori solutions.
  • Māori data sovereignty

    Data sovereignty refers to the rights and interests of Māori in the collection, ownership, and application of their own data.
  • Rongoā Māori

    Rongoā Māori is a holistic and cultural healing practice that incorporates deep, personal connections with the natural environment.
  • Māori health publications

    Read more about Māori health in these publications