22q11.2 deletion DiGeorge syndrome; a disorder caused by the deletion of a small piece of chromosome 22
3VT Three vessel and trachea
4Ch Four-chamber
AC Abdominal circumference
AFI Amniotic fluid index
AIP Abnormally invasive placenta
ASD Atrial septal defect
AV Atrioventricular
AVSD Atrioventricular septal defect
BCA Brachiocephalic artery
βhCG Beta human chorionic gonadotropin
BPD Biparietal diameter
bpm Beats per minute
CAT Common arterial trunk
cc-TGA Congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries
cfDNA Cell-free DNA
CHD Congenital heart disease
CPR Cerebroplacental ratio
CRL Crown-rump length
CSP Cavum septum pellucidum
CVS Chorionic villus sampling
DA Ductus arteriosus
DCDA Dichorionic diamniotic
DHB District health board
D-TGA Complete transposition of the great arteries
DV Ductus venosus
DVP Deepest vertical pocket
EDD Estimated date of delivery
EFW Estimated fetal weight
FGR Fetal growth restriction
FL Femur length
FMF Fetal Medicine Foundation
GA Gestational age
GAP Growth Assessment Protocol
GDM Gestational diabetes mellitus
HC Head circumference
HLHS Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
IAA Interruption of the aortic arch
IDDM Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
ISUOG International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
IUCD Intrauterine contraceptive device
IUFD Intrauterine fetal death
IVC Inferior vena cava
IVF In vitro fertilisation
IVS Interventricular septum
LGA Large for gestational age
LLETZ Large loop excision of the transformation zone
LMC Lead maternity carer
LMP Last menstrual period
LSA Left subclavian artery
LV Left ventricle
LVOT Left ventricular outflow tract
MC Monochorionic
MCA Middle cerebral artery
MCDA Monochorionic diamniotic
MCMA Monochorionic monoamniotic
MFM Maternal fetal medicine
MoM Multiples of the median
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
MSD Mean sac diameter
MSS2 Second-trimester maternal serum screening
MUAG Maternity Ultrasound Advisory Group
NIDDM Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
NIPS Non-invasive prenatal screening
NSU National Screening Unit
NT Nuchal translucency
NZMFMN New Zealand Maternal Fetal Medicine Network
PA Pulmonary artery
PDA Patent ductus arteriosus
PET Pre-eclampsia toxaemia
PI Pulsatility index
PID Pelvic inflammatory disease
PPROM Preterm premature rupture of membranes
PROM Premature rupture of membranes
PSV Peak systolic velocity
PUL Pregnancy of unknown location
PV Blood loss per vaginam (vaginal bleeding)
RANZCOG The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
RIF Right iliac fossa
ROI Region of interest
RUQ Right upper quadrant
RV Right ventricle
RVOT Right ventricular outflow tract
sFGR Selective fetal growth restriction
SFH Symphysial-fundal height
SGA Small for gestational age
SROM Spontaneous rupture of membranes
SVC Superior vena cava
T2DM Type 2 diabetes mellitus
TA Transabdominal
TAPS Twin anaemia-polycythaemia sequence
TGA Transposition of the great arteries
TIS Thermal index in soft tissue
TIB Thermal index in bone
TOF Tetralogy of Fallot
TOP Termination of pregnancy
TORCH Toxoplasmosis, other (syphilis, varicella-zoster, parvovirus B19), rubella, cytomegalovirus – CMV – and herpes infections
TRAP Twin reversed arterial perfusion
TTTS Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
TV Transvaginal
UA Umbilical artery
VSD Ventricular septal defect