• Clinical guidance

    Up-to-date information to help you support your patients to get healthy and stay healthy.
  • COVID-19

    Information about COVID-19 and how to stay safe for health professionals.
  • Data and statistics

    Statistical publications and data sets that increase understanding of our health system.

  • Employment relations

    Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora has a range of collective employment contracts that are negotiated with health sector unions.
  • Health research

    Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora aims to be a centre of excellence in health related research across the motu and internationally.
  • Health sector updates

    We want to make sure that the whole health sector knows what's going on
  • Health workforce development

    We're committed to supporting and growing our workforce.
  • My Health Account Workforce

    All you need to know about Aotearoa New Zealand’s health workforce digital identity service.
  • Scholarships & grants

    See the range of scholarships and grants available through Health NZ, Pacific Health – Workforce, Education and private providers.
  • Voluntary Bonding Scheme

    The Voluntary Bonding Scheme rewards health professionals who register and work in hard-to-staff professions, communities and specialties.
  • 69 Tory meeting spaces

    We provide high-quality and versatile meeting rooms suitable for planning days, professional development, board meetings and training.