Use and disclosure of information

This document outlines policies and procedures for the use and disclosure of information on the NIR, as well as safeguards required to ensure that NIR operational policies comply with privacy and other relevant legislation.

Accessing Identifiable Information through Qlik - August 2020

The Ministry is proposing to change the way users can access identifiable information on the NIR, to better support service delivery and to better achieve the Ministry’s aim of enabling the right users to see the right identifiable information to improve immunisation coverage in New Zealand. 

DHB and PHO users with identifiable access will be able to view all identifiable data on the NIR through Qlik, regardless of location subsets. Identifiable access will also no longer be limited to a specific job title (ie. NIR Administrator) but will be available to anyone who has a Qlik licence and whose role includes immunisation service planning or delivery. 

As additional security, the Immunisation team will keep a register of people, including their job roles, with identifiable level access to Qlik which will be updated regularly. Additional NIR specific training will be developed to support users.

The current way of sub-dividing the National Immunisation Register (NIR) cohort among New Zealand immunisation providers is getting in the way of the NIR's main objective of improving immunisation coverage. It is important that the balance of ensuring that the underlying privacy issues and that the right people have access to the right data is resolved. 

Documentation to update and replace the current NIR Privacy Policy will be developed as part of the development of the National Immunisation Solution that will replace the NIR.