Working with Agreements

Explore our comprehensive guide, “Working with Agreements”, for a detailed overview of the contracting process.

Choosing a Request Form

(Including New Supplier/Provider Form)

Attached forms are only to be completed by a commissioner with appropriate authorities to submit to Sector Operations.

  • New Supplier / Provider Form - SPAA (Word)
  • Agreement Request Form – ARF (Word)
  • Combined Dental Request Form – CDA (Word)
  • Integrated Community Pharmacy Service Agreement Request Form – ICPSA (Word)
  • Aged Related Residential Care Request Form – ARRC (Word)
  • Aged Residential Hospital Specialised Service Request Form – ARHSS (Word)
  • Assignment Request Form (Word)

Who to contact for more information

For information about PU Codes, Service Specifications, financial standards and guidelines, and planning and performance data, please contact NSF.

Nationwide Service Framework Library – Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora


For additional information about your agreement, please contact Contracts Support team.