How to arrange dialysis

A patient’s current doctor needs to arrange dialysis treatment dates with the relevant unit where the patient is visiting. They will need to forward the patient’s clinical background and any notes. They should do this with as much notice in advance as possible.

Arranging dialysis treatment is informal

The renal unit where the patient is visiting will assess whether or not they can provide the service at that time. Their decision will be based on the needs of their existing patients and the capacity of the existing service.

It may also be more difficult to arrange dialysis if the patient also needs additional, hospital-based care as it may not be available.

Dialysis over holiday periods

It may be necessary to be flexible over holiday periods. For example, a small unit in a provincial hospital may not be able to take several holiday patients at one time, such as over the Christmas and New Year break.

Dialysis during sudden events

For a sudden event like a bereavement, a visiting patient will almost always be accommodated at short notice.