The Community Services Card is administered by Work and Income on behalf of Health New Zealand.

Applications for a CSC are assessed by Work and Income. Eligible people include:

  • those 16 years or over (not a dependent child)
  • New Zealand citizens or permanent residents
  • those who normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here
  • those who have or have applied for, refugee or protection status.

They also need to be:

  • on a low income, or
  • living in public housing, or
  • receiving an accommodation supplement.

For more information please visit the Work and Income website or call 0800 999 999.

Some SuperGold Card holders may have a Combo card that includes their CSC details and expiry date on the back of their card.

What the CSC provides

The Community Services Card can reduce the cost of:

  • visits to their regular general practice for cardholders and their dependants
  • visits to a general practice in which a cardholder is not enrolled
  • prescription fees
  • fees for after-hours general practice visits
  • glasses for children under 16
  • emergency dental care provided by hospitals and approved dental contractors (cardholders should ask the dental provider if they are an approved contractor)
  • travel and accommodation for treatment at a public hospital outside the home area when the patient has been referred (at least 80 km away for adults and 25 km for children)
  • home help.

The card can also be used for dependent children aged under 18 years.

Lower cost general practice visits for enrolled patients

Most practices across New Zealand offer lower cost visits for CSC holders and their dependants (aged 14 to 17 years). 

Most children aged 13 and under can go to their enrolled general practice and some after hours practices free of charge.