About the subsidy

The Special Sessional Scheme payment is available to general practitioners (GPs) to encourage health promotion and health awareness through continuing education programmes with local community groups.

These include:

  • programmes with a child health focus
  • programmes aimed at specific health problems including diabetes and smoking
  • family-health-focused programmes on counselling, psychotherapy and related activities
  • drug counselling and preventative medicine.

How to make a claim

The subsidy has a maximum of 4 hours per week, at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

To get approval for payment of a subsidy under the Triple S Scheme, the GP is required to submit a written proposal for funding to Te Whatu Ora.

You need to include:

  • full details of the intended programme including hours per week
  • a timetable
  • previous experience of the GP involved and any other relevant details.

Programmes must be free of charge

Patients may not be charged for attending such programmes, and no other payments under this notice may be claimed for patients attending such programmes

Where to submit your claims

Send all completed claim forms to:

Special Sessional Scheme Service Payment
Sector Operations
PO Box 1043
Wellington 6140