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Issue date:
14 September 2023
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Document date:
14 September 2023
Commentary, Information release, Presentation, Response to OIA request
Equity, Health system, Hospitals & specialist care, Māori health, Organisational information, Populations

Health Equity and Equity Adjustor Tool
OIA HNZ00022694 Response

Appendix A – List of Attachments

Attachment Description
1 Equity Adjusted Risk Score. A March 2021 report examining the impact of use of the equity adjustor on the Urology Waitlist.
Link: Equity Adjusted Risk Score
2 Equity Adjustor Implementation Guidelines
A 2022 guideline for use of the adjustor, also described here as the scoring model.
Link: Equity Adjustor Implementation Guidelines
3 - 8

Workshop materials from August - October 2022.
Equity Workshop 1.8.22

Equity Workshop 9.8.23

Equity Workshop 23.8.22

FSA Pro Equity Agenda 18.10.2022

FSA Pro Equity Agenda 20.08.2022

Socialising Pro Equity Cardiology

9 Equity Adjustor Working Group Minutes June – August 2022. The minutes have links to other documents and these are included as attachments 10 - 12.
Link: EA Related Minutes for OIA

Pro-equity Prioritisation a Working Group paper explaining the need, assessment and recommendations for expanding pro-equity prioritisation in the Northern Region’s delivery of planned care. ‘Pro-equity prioritisation’ in action in this context is ‘equity adjustment’ – see heading page 2.
Link: Doc at Link in Cell 13 G Pro-equity priorisation Northern Region


Proposed pro-equity prioritisation model for planned care ‘Pro-equity prioritisation’ in action in this context is ‘equity adjustment’.
Link: Doc at Link in Cell 13 F Proposed pro-equity priorisation model v3


Prioritisation Implementation A workshop presentation on how to implement the plan.
Link: Doc at Link in Cell 15 F Priorisation implementation