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2 March 2023
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Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Information release
Health IT

At the direction of the Minister of Health, Te Whatu Ora has released a number of briefings and situation reports in relation to the ransomware incident at the then Waikato District Heath Board (now Te Whatu Ora Waikato) in May 2021.


Last year, former Minister of Health Hon Andrew Little advised the Ombudsman that all briefings and situation reports he had received in relation to the Waikato cyber security incident would be made publicly available at an appropriate time.


The documents published on this page were developed by the Ministry of Health, Government Communications Security Bureau and the former Waikato District Health Board between 27 May and 25 August 2021. The reports were based on the best knowledge at the time. Because of this, there may be some minor inaccuracies and any inconsistencies need to be seen in that context. Redactions to the documents have been made to protect the privacy of individuals and in the interest of public safety.


The release of these documents follows the release of a Minister of Health-commissioned independent report into the Waikato DHB cyber incident in December 2022.


Since this incident, Te Whatu Ora has invested in the National Cyber Security Uplift Programme and secured $75 million in funding from Cabinet to improve cyber security across the Aotearoa health sector.

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