Building health literate organisations


Because of the way health systems and services are designed and delivered, consumers sometimes face a series of demands on their health literacy.


These demands impact on consumers’ ability to access health information, care and services.


This guide has been developed with input by health literacy experts and piloted by 3 DHBs to support health organisations reduce those demands on consumers, and provides practical tools to support everyone working in a health care setting build a health literate health system.


A health literacy review will:


  • identify what your organisation is already doing well
  • identify the actions you need to take to improve
  • lead to the development of a Health Literacy Action Plan
  • help make health literacy business as usual.


Health Literacy Review: A Guide


Health Literacy Review: A Guide has been developed to take you through the review process and show you how to develop a Health Literacy Action Plan. The pages below provide:


  • more information about the Guide
  • advice from 3 district health boards who have trialled the Guide
  • videos and documents to help you conduct a review and design the Action Plan.


If you have any feedback on the Guide and training materials, let us know using our Feedback form.


A health literacy review is an opportunity to:


  • look at your organisation’s health care services
  • identify what supports consumers and their families to access your services and manage their health
  • identify the barriers that consumers and their families come across when accessing your services and managing their health.


A health literacy review could focus on:


  • a known service issue for your organisation
  • a service that is interested in health literacy and wants to improve the health outcomes of consumers
  • services related to an area of high health needs.