The majority of these links are also contained in the NGO Guide to PRIMHD. For regional coordinator contact details, go to PRIMHD contacts.

Getting started

Getting started
Topic Contact details

Digital certificates

Healthlink helpdesk – 0800 288 887

EFT/FTP queries from NGOs (and/or their vendors) who are yet to become Fully Compliant

Health Information Standards Organisation

Health Information Standards Organisation

Health Network

Connected Health Network

Mapping document, code queries, changes to facility addresses, teams, contracts, NGO merges or closures

PRIMHD Online error reporting, user IDs and passwords

NHI numbers – access to NHI database (secure connection required)

0800 505 125

Privacy – Ordering pamphlets

(04) 496 2277

Product code HP 5096, minimum order 100, no cost.

Privacy queries

Privacy Officer, Ministry of Health, PO Box 5013, Wellington

0800 803 909 (Privacy Commissioner)

Entering data / Live NGOs

Entering data / Live NGOs
Topic Contact details

EFT/FTP queries from Fully Compliant NGOs and their vendors

Running reports

Topic Contact details

PRIMHD ad hoc report requests

General queries – Ministry of Health Call Centre

0800 355 151

PRIMHD regional coordinators PRIMHD contacts

General queries

Topic Contact details

NHI numbers – maximum of 6 NHI requests per call or 40 per fax per day

Ministry of Health Call Centre

Phone 0800 855 151

Fax 0800 100 131

Annual maintenance of Ministry health information systems

Topic Contact details

NCAMP updates

National Collections Annual maintenance project