The Guide to PRIMHD SCR requirements, including social outcome indicators is available from the Te Pou website.

NGO and vendor reference information

The NGO data collected includes dates of referrals to and discharges from services, service activity (including leave data), provider team and demographic information (eg, gender, date of birth, ethnicity).

PRIMHD does not capture information on primary mental health services provided by general practitioners (GPs) or Primary Health Organisations (PHOs), nor NGO diagnosis, legal status or NGO outcome data.


The scope of PRIMHD includes all contracted mental health and addiction NGO providers that provide direct support and treatment services to mental health and addiction service users, and that report data using the service user's unique National Health Index number (NHI). The exceptions are for those aged care residential providers with three or fewer (=3) mental health and addiction residents. Further details are included in the NGO Guide to PRIMHD.

Getting started

NGOs have three options to send their data to PRIMHD:

  • PRIMHD Online – a secure web based reporting tool
  • XML File Transfer – batched files sent to the Ministry using secure file transfer protocols from NGOs in-house information systems
  • Third-party agency services (such as DHBs, host agencies or data management bureau services who use the same secure file transfer protocols as the XML File Transfer option).

Details on these options are included in the NGO Guide to PRIMHD.

  • The Data Process Standard describes the workflow and processes for PRIMHD data gathered during the care of the consumer (from referral and admission through to discharge), and how the PRIMHD data set and code set relates to the different record types during these processes.
  • The PRIMHD Data Set represents the entire set of data elements that will be collected and stored within the PRIMHD records.
  • The PRIMHD Code Set is a collection of common codes that are required by specific data elements within the data set.
  • The Mapping Document is a Ministry requirement that provides the Ministry with a comprehensive live map of an NGO’s name, location, service types, teams, services offered and where consumers receive these services. A template and completion guide are provided on the linked page.
  • The PRIMHD File Specification is the principal reference for all providers who submit data to PRIMHD. This page includes extraction schemas and compliance test scripts.

Entering data

The PRIMHD Online Training Manual and User Guide provides details of the user functionality and technical reference information relating to the use of PRIMHD Online. Please note this document should not be used until a user has completed formal training of PRIMHD Online.

Running and scheduling reports

For the core information you need to run PRIMHD reports from the PRIMHD datamart using Infoview and Business Objects, go to the PRIMHD Reporting End User Guide.

Please note, Business Objects is currently being decommissioned.

Scheduling reports

Refer to section 2.5, pages 13–16, for information about scheduling reports. Ensure you follow each step of the instructions very carefully. Please note you may turn your PC off after you have initiated the report schedule, when the schedule status shows ‘Running’.