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Issue date:
11 November 2021
Corporate Authors:
Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), Manatū Hauora - Ministry of Health
Document date:
11 November 2021
Hospitals & specialist care
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This document has been developed with NZ Health Partnerships, Hono Ōranga Aōtearoa, to define the minimum data set for contracts, schedules and pricing used to populate the Health System Catalogue to be delivered by the Health Finance, Procurement and Information Management (FPIM) programme. A summary of the review of public comment feedback is also available.

The data standard will be used to represent contracts, schedules and pricing elements in the Health System Catalogue. The catalogue will be used in the operational systems of DHBs, suppliers, PHARMAC and NZ Health Partnerships, where the procurement, purchasing, distribution and consumption of medical devices and other products and services is managed.

The standard has been informed by the master data standards work that was signed off in 2012 by all DHBs and should be read in conjunction with HISO 10084.1:2021 Suppliers and Items Data Standards.

The standard was developed by a sector-representative working group led by NZ Health Partnerships and checked with all DHB CFOs prior to FPIM Governance Board approval. Feedback from public comment, completed in September 2021, has been evaluated by the working group and incorporated.