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Issue date:
11 November 2021
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Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO)
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The NZ COVID Tracer app has been operational in New Zealand since May 2020. It allows users to create a private digital diary of their movements, primarily by scanning QR codes containing name and address details and a unique Global Location Number (GLN) for the venue visited. 

The capability to add a diary entry equivalent to scanning a QR code by tapping an NFC tag was added to the NZ COVID Tracer app in August 2021. Businesses can display Near Field Communications (NFC) tags in addition to QR codes. This provides an alternative for consumers to address the following issues in scanning QR codes:

  • Scanning QR codes can be difficult for people with some accessibility needs – for example, framing the QR code correctly within the camera view of the app can be difficult for people with low vision, and holding the device steadily at the correct angle can be difficult for some people with a physical impairment. NFC tags may be more accessible for some of these people.
  • Scanning QR codes with the NZ COVID Tracer app requires a user to first open the app, which may be inconvenient. Tapping an NFC tag can allow for much quicker check-in without needing to launch the app.

The NFC functionality uses the existing data content of QR codes and does not compromise the privacy and security of the app. This revision of the standard incorporates the technical specification of the NFC tags.

Case definition and clinical testing guidelines for COVID-19

Guidance for health professionals to identify and test those individuals who may have COVID-19. For the most up to date list of COVID-19 symptoms, refer to the Ministry’s Clinical criteria for COVID-19