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Issue date:
5 August 2017
Corporate Author:
Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO)
Document date:
5 August 2017
Health IT, Health system
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The HISO 10064:2017 Health Information Governance Guidelines provide guidance to the health and disability sector on the safe sharing of health information. It complements the Health Information Security Framework which covers the security of health information wherever it is held.

The Guidelines outline policies, procedures and other useful details for health providers who collect and share personal health information, enabling them to do these legally, securely, efficiently and effectively. 

The four major subject areas in the guidelines include:

  • maintaining quality and trust
  • upholding consumer rights and maintaining transparency
  • appropriate disclosure and sharing
  • ensuring security and protection of personal health information.

Each subject area provides the legal and policy context, then a set of requirements which are auditable and a compliance checklist.

Having guidelines in place helps ensure public confidence in data privacy and security is maintained and that the best possible treatment and care is delivered to all New Zealanders.