The schedule of vaccines listed below is intended for healthcare professionals and applies from 1 March 2023.

A user-friendly version can be found on the Immunise website, where you can also download a personalised immunisation schedule for a child.

National Immunisation Schedule – Health Information and Services >

The National Immunisation Schedule

Pregnant women

 More information on immunisation during pregnancy >

11 or 12 years

More information on immunisations for school-aged children >

45 years

Funded vaccines for high-risk groups

Publicly funded hepatitis A, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenzae type b, human papillomavirus, influenza, meningococcal, pertussis (Tdap), pneumococcal, tuberculosis and varicella vaccines are available for children and adults at high risk of some diseases due to other medical conditions.

For more details see the Additional Funded vaccines for special groups page of the Immunisation Handbook.

Free meningococcal vaccine eligibility widened from 1 March 2023

Free meningococcal B vaccine for tamariki aged under 5 years old 

On 1 March the meningococcal B vaccine became free for all babies aged 12 months and under. It’s administered as part of the National Immunisation Schedule alongside the other infant immunisations. 

A free catch-up programme is available until 31 August 2025 for all other tamariki aged under 5 years old.

MenB Bexsero quick facts (including scheduling information) – IMAC >

Expanded access for people aged 13 to 25 in specified close-living situations 

People aged between 13 and 25, in their first year living in boarding school hostels, tertiary education halls of residence, military barracks, or correctional facilities are also eligible for free meningococcal B immunisation.  

A free catch-up programme is available until 28 February 2024 for all people aged 13-25 currently living in boarding schools, university hostels, military barracks, or correctional facilities.

Find out more about meningococcal disease and immunisation.