About the Framework

Te Whatu Ora has developed a National Digital Facilities Framework to standardise the way we plan, design, build and transition technology for new and health facilities we are redeveloping across the motu.

The Framework provides structure and tools to guide the improvement and innovation of digital aspects of hospital design and redesign.

Why we need the Framework

Te Whatu Ora has signaled that a multibillion-dollar health facility redevelopment programme is required over the next 10 years. Our Regional Hospital Redevelopment Programme (RHRP), established by our Infrastructure and Investment Group, has six major hospital redevelopment programmes currently in its scope. 

Digital technology is an enabler of any modern health facilityModern hospitals require thousands of highly interconnected devices and integrated/interfaced applications to function. 

Major redevelopment of health facilities can take up to 10 years to plan, design and build and they have an operating life of 50 years or more. The technology implementation costs are significant, so it is important we get the planning right from the outset.

The National Digital Facilities Framework and its supporting guide are living documents that will continue to be developed and refined as we progress the RHRP programme. 

Get in touch

If you have any feedback on the framework, please contact the Facilities Technology team with your questions and/or suggestions.

Pātiki and Waharua Kōpito patterns

Read the guide to the National Digital Facilities Framework

Click on the link below to read the guide to the National Digital Facilities Framework for use in major facility redevelopments and new health facility build programmes.