The medicines API provide a single source of a patient’s medication history available as prescribed medications and dispensed medication.

Service Description

READ Medications Prescribed – Search for the medications prescribed to a patient

READ Medication Dispensed – search for the medications dispensed to a patient

READ Medicines - Retrieving a medicine by its id.

Medical Warning System

The Medical Warning System (MWS) warns health care providers of known risk factors that could be important when making clinical decisions about patient care. This includes drug allergies or medical conditions. 

Service Description

GET Allergy Intolerance – Return an Allergy Intolerance using the mws id. 

Using a known mws id, a GET request is sent to the MWS Allergy Intolerance service, the request is validated and returns information about that specific Allergy Intolerance.

SEARCH Allergy Intolerance – Search Patient Entitlements using an NHI number. 

A SEARCH request is used to bring back all Allergy Intolerance records for a Patient when the NHI number is known. The search response will return a bundle That may include multiple Allergy Intolerance records. 

The search returns all drug and allergy records  added by a FHIR api user as well as those added by legacy api users. 

CREATE Allergy Intolerance. 

A CREATE request is used create a new Allergy Intolerance record for a Patient. The request is validated and business rules applied. If the request is acceptable an Allergy Intolerance record is created.  

UPDATE Allergy Intolerance. 

An update request is used change an attribute(s) of an Allergy Intolerance record. The request should contain the full profile of the Allergy Intolerance record. The request parameters are validated and business rules applied. If the request is acceptable the Allergy Intolerance record is updated.  

DELETE Allergy Intolerance. 

A DELETE request is used to delete a legacy AllergyIntolerance record. Records created by the FHIR api can not be deleted, they would have their clinical status set to inactive. The the id is  a legacy mws-id then the record is deleted.  


The Aotearoa Immunisation Register (AIR) is New Zealand’s national register for vaccination activity. The AIR has replaced the National Immunisation Register (NIR) and COVID Immunisation Register (CIR). The AIR enables immunisation healthcare providers to access immunisation health records and make better decisions about whether a person should or should not receive a vaccination. The AIR helps Te Whatu Ora and the wider health system better understand population immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases. This helps manage public health risks by providing an accurate set of vaccination data that health providers can use. Healthcare workers use the AIR to see which vaccines people in their community have had and whether people are due for an immunisation.  

The Immunisation FHIR APIs enable recording immunisations for health consumers, viewing their historical vaccinations and upcoming immunisation planned events as defined by the National Immunisation Schedule. 

Service Description

SEARCH Immunisation – Search the immunisation records for a patient using an NHI number. 

The SEARCH request lists the immunisation events for a Patient given an NHI number. In addition to the NHI, a particular disease can be specified in the search request to narrow the list to immunisation pertinent to that disease. 


READ Immunisation – Return an immunisation event using the immunisation event ID. 

The READ immunisation request retrieves the latest version details of an immunisation event using a known immunisation event ID. The latest version of the immunisation event is returned, including the health consumer NHI number, name, and demographics, the observation and vaccine codes, the status and date of the vaccination, and details of the vaccinator who administered it. 


CREATE immunisation - Capability to create an immunisation event record 

A CREATE immunisation request is used to create a new immunisation event for a specific health consumer’s NHI. 


UPDATE immunisation - Capability to update immunisation event information 

The UPDATE immunisation request is used to update an existing immunisation event using a known immunisation event ID. This method checks if the immunisation event with the given ID exists, and if it does, it updates the event with the new details provided. The method also performs validation checks to ensure that the updated event is valid before it is saved as the current event. 


BULK UPDATE immunisation – Capability to create or update immunisation events in bulk 

The BULK UPDATE immunisation request allows health software providers to submit multiple create and update immunisation events in one request. 

Laboratory Data

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