Brief description

The Health Provider Index (HPI) is a national database that collects and distributes information about health practitioners, facilities and organisations within New Zealand.

HPI data is supplied by registration authorities, for example medical councils and boards, who are authorised to supply their data. The data is only shared with health service providers who are authorised to use it.


The HPI serves two primary purposes:

  • A unique identifier for each individual or entity
  • An authoritative source for the key information about that entity.

Accessible data

The HPI API holds the following information: 

  • practitioner (search and view)
  • practitioner role (search, create and update)
  • facility (search)
  • organisation (search),

The practitioner details may include: 

  • HPI person identifier
  • council number
  • name.

The practitioner role details may include:

  • practitioner role.

The facility details may include:

  • identity
  • location
  • contact details
  • address
  • HPI facility identifier
  • type.

Organisation details may include:

  • name
  • contact details
  • New Zealand business number (NZBN)
  • location.

Who can use this API

The HPI organisation and HPI facility data is available to any health providers or organisations supporting them. Integrators are encouraged to use HPI organisation and HPI facility identifiers wherever possible in their applications.

Access to practitioner details that are already available on responsible authorities' public registers is available to all health providers.

Access to other practitioner details, like their place of work and contact details, is restricted to authorised organisations and users only.

Use cases

An example of use cases for the HPI API are:

  • A new practitioner starts at an organisation and their HPI identity details and practicing credentials are checked.
  • A practitioner is onboarded onto a healthcare application.
  • A user wants to validate a practitioner’s details on a referral.
  • A pharmacist wants to validate if a prescriber is authorised to prescribe.
  • Health provider organisation wants to add a new employee to the HPI.
  • A registration authority or health provider organisation wants to update a provider or employee’s details.
  • A user wants to find the HPI organisation ID to record an identifier in the local system for an organisation.
  • A user wants to find the contact details for an organisation.
  • A user wants to know all the organisations of a particular type (e.g. Maori providers).
  • User wants to find the contact details, address etc. for a facility.
  • User wants to search for all facilities by managing organisation.
  • User wants to know what facilities of a particular type are within a particular district.
  • A user wants to see if a person works for a particular organisation or facility.

Onboarding and implementation

To begin the onboarding process for this API, please visit the Consumer onboarding page.

For more information on integrating, please review the Implementation guide.


API types


All FHIR API endpoints adhere to Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) interoperability standards and follow REST protocols.


All API endpoints will adhere to Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) interoperability standards. The New Zealand HPI Implementation Guide sets out all the artefacts necessary to understand and use the FHIR API.

New Zealand HPI Implementation Guide