Brief description

The Digital Health Identity (DHI) service is an authentication and identity solution that enables health consumers and health professionals to confirm who they are digitally. This enables them to engage in online healthcare services using their My Health Account or My Health Account Workforce.

Online health services may include lab results, vaccination records and other personal health information. An example of an online health service is My Health Record.


The DHI service is standards-based and supports OpenID Connect. This means you can use your preferred OAuth library for integrating with the service.

The DHI platform provides a combination of standard and custom ‘claims’. The claims you can access will depend on how you agree to use them and what confidence level is granted during onboarding.

Who can use this digital service

Users of the DHI service could include, but are not limited to:

  • primary health organisations (PHOs) with consumer portals
  • private companies providing patient portals or other digital services 
  • health sector start-ups looking to leverage a large potential customer base
  • other government agencies with an interest in health 

The DHI vision is to enable New Zealand health consumers to improve their health through access to digital health services.

Use cases 

The DHI service could be used:

  • to confirm users' identity in a digital health environment  
  • to allow users to manage health records through a self-service web portal or mobile application 
  • by healthcare application providers wanting to enable access to their products and services for anyone who holds a My Health Account or My Health Account workforce
  • by application (app) developers who require high-levels of confidence in a health consumer’s identity before sharing sensitive health-related information. 

Onboarding and implementation

Before starting the onboarding process, review the DHI onboarding guide. This guide provides useful information about the DHI service and the steps required to onboard and integrate your application, including meeting the brand guidelines.

Digital Health Identity: Onboarding and Integration Guide (V6.2) [PDF, 1.7 MB]

My Health Account: Brand Guidelines (V3.0) [PDF, 3.4 MB]

My Health Account Workforce: Brand Guidelines (V3.0) [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Branding resources (V2.0) [ZIP, 62 KB]

Once you have read the guide, complete the online onboarding request form. You will need to provide information about your organisation and the applications you will integrate with the DHI service.

Digital Health Identity service onboarding request form

Once your onboarding request has been approved, you will be provided with the information to start integration. The DHI onboarding team will be in touch if further information is required.


A test environment is available for all development activities. You will be setup with access as part of the onboarding process.

If you require support for onboarding or integration, email