HISO has an active programme of standards development and adoption for the best use of information in the health system.

The diagram shows our lifecycle process for assessing proposals, undertaking the development of new standards and leading their adoption.

HISO Standard Lifecycle

Stage 1: Concept

Is a new standard required?

Tell us about the problem you want to solve, who would use the standard, and how it will add value to the health system.


Email with your proposal.

Stage 2: Development

  • Proposals accepted by HISO are prioritised, added to the work programme and listed on our website.
  • Subject matter experts form a working group to develop the specifications.
  • Drafts are posted for public comment on Health Consultation Hub.

Stage 3: Publication

  • The completed and approved standard is published on the website
  • Conformance requirements, an adoption roadmap and implementation guides are included
  • The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence allows you to share and adapt this material.

Stage 4: Adoption

  • An adoption roadmap is developed and published with each standard
  • An early adopters programme allows any implementation issues to be sorted out
  • Full rollout follows on an annual cycle and adoption is monitored.

Stage 5: Renewal

  • Standards are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose
  • Standards are reviewed every two years
  • The same development and adoption process is used.


Adoption roadmaps are now being developed for all new standards, and will be for existing standards at their next review date.

Please email us to enquire about the process, to propose a change to a standard or to request a new standard:

HISO has produced a booklet providing an overview explaining the process:

Early engagement with HISO is encouraged in the initial stages of a project.

Contact us

If you are looking to develop a standard, or simply require more information, please email us at