The Operational Policy Framework (OPF) requires DHBs to follow the data and digital standards set by the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO).

HISO is the governing body and kaitiaki for data and digital standards in the health and disability system, responsible for determining the standards that are to have national effect and monitoring the adoption of these standards. The sector-representative HISO committee is supported by standards advisors in the Data and Digital directorate who manage the standards work programme.

As part of the Ministry review process for DHB business cases, proposed data and digital investments are checked for their conformance to HISO standards, adoption roadmaps and other published requirements.

To support these standards reviews, DHBs are asked to submit a summary with each business case that shows how the proposed investment meets the following criteria.

  1. Aligns with the published interoperability roadmap for accelerating the shift to a fully interoperable digital health ecosystem and adheres to our principal standards for interoperability, SNOMED CT®, HL7® FHIR®, GS1 Standards® and their derivatives
  2. Identifies and shows conformance to the relevant published HISO standards, adoption roadmaps and other requirements
  3. Identifies needs and opportunities for new HISO standards or revisions to existing standards, and allows for DHB representation in the standards process
  4. Makes it possible to reuse data in a standard way for health system improvement and research by following the FAIR data principles and our published information governance guidelines
  5. Scopes the use of the standard digital products that are applicable, including ICD-10-AM, SNOMED NZ Edition, NZ Universal List of Medicines (NZULM), NZ Formulary and NZ Pathology Observation Code Sets (NZPOCS), as well as other classifications and code sets
  6. Ensures applicable use of the designated foundational digital services and APIs, including the National Health Index (NHI), National Enrolment Service (NES), Health Provider Index (HPI) and other national systems
  7. Requires suppliers to adhere to the necessary standards by naming these standards in procurement documents and contracts.
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