What is Book My Vaccine?

Book My Vaccine is a booking tool that connects consumers and vaccine providers together. Consumers can view locations and select an appointment time that works for them, while providers use the system to manage appointment schedules and availability.

Book My Vaccine has been successfully used since 2021 to support the nationwide rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine programme. Since then, Book My Vaccine has expanded to support the influenza campaign. Book My Vaccine enables consumers to book vaccination appointments for:

  • Covid-19, Pfizer or Novavax
  • HPV9
  • rZV (herpes zoster/shingles)
  • MenB
  • MenACWY
  • Influenza (Flu)
  • MMR (Measles + mumps + rubella)
  • Tdap (Boostrix) (Tetnus + diphtheria + whooping cough)
  • Vaccines recommended during pregnancy (i.e Covid-19, influenza and Tdap)
  • Scheduled vaccines: HPV9, MenB, MenACWY, rZV (herpes zoster/shingles)
  • Childhood immunisations and catch-ups (0-17 years)

Book My Vaccine will continue to be promoted as part of relevant national campaign activity, potentially featuring in assets that appear on TV, radio, print and digital channels. In the future Book My Vaccine may be expanded with additional vaccination types. 

What providers should use Book My Vaccine?

  • If you are a provider that delivers influenza, MMR, Tdap (Boostrix),COVID-19, childhood immunisations, and/or any of the scheduled vaccinations, you can use Book My Vaccine.
  • If you deliver publicly funded vaccinations to casual or unenrolled consumers, you should use Book My Vaccine.

You can also choose to use Book My Vaccine:

  • If you also deliver privately funded vaccinations, alongside publicly funded vaccines
  • To support you to deliver vaccinations to enrolled consumers to complement your existing electronic booking system.

Examples of providers to whom this may apply include pharmacies, community health providers and general practices.

How to sign up as a new Book My Vaccine user?

If you are a vaccine provider and would like to start using Book My Vaccine, please click here to create your user log in, which will then able you to create your organisation and/or site on the Book My Vaccine admin system.

Once you have created your organisation and/or site, it will be sent for approval to the Book My Vaccine Provider Support Team.

If you are a new user of Book My Vaccine and wish to access an existing site, click here to create your user log in, when you will then be able to search for, and request access to, an existing site. 

How to offer additional vaccines if you have an existing Book My Vaccine site?

If you have an existing site on Book My Vaccine and would like to offer appointments for any additional vaccines available on Book My Vaccine, you can add the vaccines to your site by following these instructions, or you can set up an additional site with a separate schedule to your existing one by following this how to guide.

Note: You must be logged into the Book My Vaccine admin system to access these guides.

Can I get ‘listed’ on Book My Vaccine?

A listing on Book My Vaccine is for vaccination providers to display vaccination options to consumers without consumers completing a ‘live’ booking using the Book My Vaccine website. A listing allows you to show consumers how they can engage with you to receive vaccinations and includes a link to a website for further information. This link could be to your own booking system, a website with details about your walk-in clinics, vaccination events or other vaccination opportunities. 

Listings are available to providers who offer vaccines available through Book My Vaccine.

To ensure a positive consumer experience a listing must include:

  • Your site name and address 
  • The vaccinations you offer 
  • A link for consumers to find out more information or to access your local booking system.  
  • Who you offer vaccination services to 
  • When vaccinations services are available 
  • How consumers can access vaccination services 

If you are a new Book My Vaccine user and would like to set up a listing for your site, click here.  

Note: You must be logged into the BMV admin system to access these guides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What vaccinations are currently available to add in Book My Vaccine?

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza
  • MMR
  • Tdap (Boostrix)
  • HPV9
  • rZV (herpes zoster/shingles)
  • MenB
  • MenACWY
  • Childhood immunisations and catch-ups
  • Vaccines recommended during pregnancy

Who do I contact for support or to ask a question?

Our Help Desk is available to answer questions and provide support. Please email help@imms.min.health.nz or call the team on 0800 223 987. These channels are currently monitored: 

  • 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (from 9.30am on Wednesdays) 
  • 9am - 2pm, Saturday

If you are contacting via email (recommended), please provide a detailed description of the issue, your full name and your mobile number so we can contact you with a resolution.


If you have questions and would like technical support, please ask the Help Desk to send you a link to the drop-in sessions. These are available between 1pm and 1.45pm each weekday.


Please note that this Help Desk is for providers only and should not be used for consumer enquiries. 

What do I need to know about roles and responsibilities?

There are three main roles that you need to be familiar with when using Book My Vaccine – a facility manager, facility administrator and a health worker. Each have an important role to play so you’ll need to be familiar with what they do and how to use them. Here is a brief description of the key roles and responsibilities. 

Facility Manager:


  • The facility manager manages and controls their team’s access to their site(s).
  • You can be the facility manager of one or all of the sites you have access to.


  • Approve users who require access to your site(s).
  • Manage your team’s level of site access.

Facility  Administrator 


  • The facility administrator manages the day-to-day operation of Book My Vaccine at their site(s) and is the primary point of contact for the site(s) for consumers, Whakarongorau and Te Whatu Ora
  • A facility administrator can manage one site, multiple sites or sites that are part of a group
  • There can be more than one facility administrator at each site.


  • Set up, approve, and maintain appointment schedules for all vaccine types.
  • Manage schedule changes due to staff not being available, unexpected closures etc.
  • Contact consumers impacted by schedule changes to reschedule or cancel their bookings.
  • Manage consumers and their requirements. This includes contacting those that require disability and impairment assistance prior to their appointment and ensuring that their needs can be met, confirming group bookings and on-site check in procedures.
  • Maintain up-to-date site details, including disability and impairment assistance, site name, address, phone numbers, opening hours, and other relevant information.
  • Approve users who require access to your site(s)
  • Understand the role of Book My Vaccine and the relationship with immunisation registers (e.g Book My Vaccine appointments are not visible in the Aotearoa Immunisation Register)
  • Contact the Te Whatu Ora Help Desk for support on 0800 223 987 or help@imms.min.health.nz.

Health Worker   


  • The health worker supports the facility  administrator to manage consumer bookings and appointment schedules
  • There can be more than one health worker at each site.


  • Manage consumer bookings on the day, as well as advance planning for bookings in the next 48 hours.
  • Contact consumers who request disability and impairment assistance prior to their appointment and ensure their needs can be met.
  • Contact group booking arrangers to confirm the requirements can be met.
  • Assist the facility admin to contact consumers impacted by schedule changes and support them to reschedule or cancel their booking
  • Manage on-site check in procedures for consumers.

Where do I find training resources?

We have developed a range of resources to support you and your team to use Book My Vaccine.

Once you have been approved as a Book My Vaccine user, you can access the training resourced in the help centre when logged into the Book My Vaccine admin system.

Can I manage my schedule to exclude public holidays or specific dates?

Once you have set up your appointment schedule(s) you can then manually override dates when your clinic will be closed or will not have appointments available. For example, if your pharmacy is closed on public holidays.

The override functionality is included in the training resources, and you can also email
help@imms.min.health.nz to request support from the Help Desk. 

What do I need to do before I make my site visible to consumers?

Once your site has been approved by the Book My Vaccine Support Team you will receive an email confirmation. Each user will need to complete the relevant training. If you are the facility  administrator, you will need to set up and review your appointment schedule and the number of appointments available before activating your site. You should ensure that you have completed the site set up checklist, located in the help centre of the Book My Vaccine admin system, before making your site visible to consumers.

What happens if I need to change a schedule?

Care should be taken with changing a future appointment schedule or the number of appointments available as this process will not cancel or reschedule any existing bookings. This means that impacted consumers will need to be contacted and supported to reschedule. Alternatively, once the consumer has been contacted you can reschedule or cancel appointments on behalf of the consumer.

Overrides are the recommended method to change your schedule for an unexpected closure. For example, when a vaccinator calls in sick.

The training materials located in the help centre of the Book My Vaccine admin system outline how to update your schedule or apply an override. You can also email help@imms.min.health.nz to request support from the Help Desk.