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If you're looking for information about having a mammogram, visit Time to Screen or phone 0800 270 200

Breast screening — Time to Screen

If you need support to screen, you can find information on Screening Support Services.

The Ministry of Health established the national breast screening programme in December 1998 to provide screening for asymptomatic women.

Aim of the programme

The aim of BreastScreen Aotearoa is to reduce women's morbidity and mortality from breast cancer by identifying cancers at an early stage, allowing treatment to be commenced sooner than might otherwise have been possible.

The current coverage target is for 2-yearly screening of 70 percent of eligible women.

The programme is delivered throughout the country by 8 lead providers who provide services from around 35 fixed sites and 10 mobile screening units throughout the country. Of these providers, 6 are based within Te Whatu Ora’s Hospital and Specialist Services.

Providers are responsible for the screening pathway, up to referral for treatment.

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