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Te Māhau Tārearea o Tamariki Ora has been developed by and for Central Region’s Tamariki Ora – Hauora Māori provider sector (‘Tamariki Ora providers’). Tamariki Ora Kaimahi have identified the form and function of Te Māhau Tārearea o Tamariki Ora with the aim of strengthening and supporting service delivery for whanau. Te Māhau Tārearea o Tamariki Ora includes evidence based, culturally appropriate and relevant information, resources, and professional development for clinical and non-clinical Tamariki Ora kaimahi.


Te Māhau Tārearea o Tamariki Ora will be enabled and supported by a Tamariki Ora provider designed infrastructure approach and Pou Tārearea (Tamariki Ora clinical leadership roles). Te Māhau Tārearea o Tamariki Ora, the infrastructure approach, and Pou Tārearea constitute the Central Region Tamariki Ora supervision and support, training and professional development solution. The solution has been designed by Tamariki Ora Kaimahi as part of the Whakapakari Hunga Tautoko Project. Whakapakari Hunga Tautoko, is a three-year work project that aims to address inequities in access to Tamariki Ora clinical and professional support infrastructure (see “Whakapakari Hunga Tautoko Project” tile below)

For enquiries regarding Te Māhau Tārearea o Tamariki Ora contact Katie Kennedy