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Issue date:
23 April 2024
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Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora, Manatū Hauora - Ministry of Health
Document date:
1 July 2023
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Health IT, Health system
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Copyright Held by Non-Crown Party

The National Patient Flow File Specification defines the format used to send information to the Ministry of Health for inclusion in the National Patient Flow collection. This includes the file layout and the business rules used for validating the data items within the file.

There are two audiences for this document:

  • Software developers designing, implementing and altering provider systems to ensure that they export information in a format suitable for loading into the national collection.
  • Business analysts verifying that all required data elements are present and specified correctly.

Download: National Patient Flow - PDF, 2.3 MB

Phase 3 File Specifications v3.6

Download: National Patient Flow - DOCX, 3 MB

Phase 3 File Specifications v3.6