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Issue date:
8 August 2022
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Response to OIA request
Addiction, COVID-19, Diseases & conditions, Emergency management, Health infrastructure, Hospitals & specialist care, Mental health, Organisational information, Workforce

OIA responses included in this document

  • Assaults on Staff (OIA Y22-378)
  • Stutter services (OIA Y22-380)
  • Staff assaults on patients (OIA Y22-387)
  • Lavender Blue funding (OIA Y22-388)
  • Maternal Mental Health referrals (OIA Y22-389)
  • Alcohol related harm (OIA Y22-474)
  • Risk registers (OIA Y22-479)
  • Board Members (OIA Y22-478)
  • Specialist wait times (OIA Y22-467)
  • Commissioned research expenditure (OIA Y22-476)
  • MH Services staffing (OIA Y22-484)
  • Gastroenterologists (OIA Y22-470)
  • COVID-19 therapeutics (OIA Y22-472)
  • Remdesivir and ventilators (OIA Y22-473)
  • Complaints by Doctors of Bullying (OIA Y22-480)
  • Enable NZ Annual report (OIA Y22-482)
  • Data for Breast screening wait times (OIA Y22-489)
  • MRT staffing levels and FTE numbers (OIA Y22-486)
  • ED wait times (OIA Y22-498)
  • Earthquake-prone buildings (OIA Y22-490)
  • ED visits following vaccine (OIA Y22-495)
  • ICPSA policies (OIA Y22-481)
  • Shortage of theatre nurses (OIA Y22-496)
  • Legal costs for inquests (OIA Y22-492)
  • Community Based Attachments (OIA Y22-504)
  • PGY1 House Officers (OIA Y22-499)
  • Earthquake prone buildings (OIA Y22-491)
  • Wait times etc for Oncology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Cardiology (OIA 22-494)
  • Precocious puberty (OIA Y22-497)
  • Communications-Media (OIA Y22-500)
  • Terminations for COVID vaccination non-compliance (OIA Y22-501)
  • Health Partners Consulting (OIA Y22-506)
  • Ward 21 safety correspondence (OIA Y22-487, OIA Y22-488)
  • Seclusion rates (OIA Y22-503)
  • Seclusion rates 2022 (OIA Y22-503)
  • Outsourced procedures (OIA Y22-502)
  • Ward 21 new build (OIA Y22-509)
  • Certificates issued to local authorities (OIA Y22-511)
  • COVID-19 frontline staff (OIA Y22-541)
  • COVID Costs (OIA Y22-543)