One of the recent changes in the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 (SERPA) defined ‘smoking cessation programme’ as: a programme that is funded (whether wholly or partly and whether directly or indirectly) by a public service with the intention of encouraging smokers to stop smoking.

Smoking cessation programmes (SCPs) receive certain exemptions under the SERPA in relation to vaping products which are not available to general retailers (dairies, petrol stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.) outside of an SCP:

  • the distribution or supply of vaping products free or at a reduced charge by parties that are not Specialist Vape Retailers
  • from 11 August 2021, general retailers can sell or supply any flavour of vaping substance as part of an SCP (rather than just tobacco, mint or menthol flavours).

Smoking cessation programmes that include vaping products

Region Programme Programme status Supplier
Northland – Toki Rau Vape to Quit (targeted participants) Starting March 2021 Miasma
Auckland Ready Steady Quit (all participants) Ongoing Vapo
Waikato and Tairawhiti Koia nā programme (all participants) Commenced in Waikato & due to start shortly in Tairawhiti Alt
Whanganui Vape to Quit (targeted participants) Ongoing various
Southern Vape to Quit (targeted participants) Starting May 2021 Vapourium
Wairarapa TBC (all participants) Starting March 2021 Vendetta Vape Lounge
Mid Central  Vape to Quit (targeted participants) Ongoing Coastline Vape
Hawkes Bay Hospital Te O Hakura Ongoing Coastline Vape
Nelson Marlborough  Stop Smoking Service / Te Hā Ongoing Alt