• About long term conditions

    Information about national-level Long Term Conditions work programmes across the care continuum (including palliative care).
  • Healthy lifestyles support

    Guidance for health professionals on how to provide advice to New Zealand adults on healthy lifestyles, including weight management and healthy eating
  • Management of multimorbidity

    As our population ages and more of us are living longer with long term conditions, it is timely to focus on caring for people with multimorbidity.
  • Self-management support resources

    Self-management support (SMS) for PHOs and primary care teams who are supporting people with long-term health conditions.
  • Te Ranga Ora

    Information about the Te Ranga Ora Learning Partnership.
  • Diabetes

    This section provides information for health professionals on managing diabetes and a range of diabetes-related information.
  • Cardiovascular disease

    Information on cardiovascular disease in New Zealand.