About the Special Support Service for Former Sawmill Workers Exposed to PCP

The Special Support Service for Former Sawmill Workers Exposed to PCP is a service designed to assess the health needs of former sawmill workers who were exposed to pentachlorophenol (PCP) at sawmills during 1950s to 1980s, and to help them access services to support wellness.

Eligibility for the service

Eligibility for the service is on the basis that an individual worked in a place at a time when exposure is likely to have occurred. People are eligible if they:

  • worked in a sawmill where PCP was used; AND
  • worked in jobs that used PCP chemicals or if they came into contact with PCP baths/tanks or if they worked with timber that was still wet from the PCP treatment process; AND
  • worked in these jobs for at least one year; AND
  • are eligible to use publicly funded health services in New Zealand (eg, New Zealand citizens).

Guidance and application form for former sawmill workers

Guidance for Doctors

Health Support Service for Dioxin Exposed People

If you were exposed to dioxin from the former Ivon Watkins Dow factory in Paritutu, New Plymouth, you may be eligible for the Health Support Service that has been set up.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for this service if you lived or worked or went to school near the former IWD factory between 1962 and 1987. Your friends and family may also be eligible for the service.

If you are eligible, you are entitled to an annual health check-up from your primary care team. The exact content of the check-up will depend on your health needs. You may also be referred to other health services like smoking cessation, physical activity and nutrition support, primary mental health care, or genetic counselling. Serum dioxin testing may also be available in some circumstances.

To use this Service, you will need to make an application to have your eligibility assessed. Application forms and guidance are available below. Other useful information includes information about dioxin exposure and its association with adverse health effects, and detailed information about the support service.

If you have any questions about making an application, or your eligibility, you can call the Health Support Service Information Line (0800 288 588).

How to apply

To apply for the Health Support Service, complete the application form after reading the guidance for the application form.

For further information on this project, please either email the Ministry of Health, or the project team at HSS@allenandclarke.co.nz.

Pātiki and Waharua Kōpito patterns

Download Dioxins: A Technical Guide

This guide is for health professionals and others who may have questions about dioxins and their health effects. The guide also includes historic exposure incidents in New Zealand.