Look at your online health record and/or contact your GP practice.

You are looking for any of the following:

  • Documentation of a previous measles infection
  • Immunisation records confirming two measles containing vaccines were given after 12 months of age
  • Blood test results confirming measles immunity or a swab result confirming measles infection

Check your immunisation certificate or, if you were vaccinated in New Zealand, the vaccination page of your Wellchild or Plunket book.

You are looking for:

  • Records of two measles containing vaccines delivered after you were 12 months old

Other possibilities

If you have a condition that has affected your immune system

You may not be protected from measles, even if you have been immunised. Contact your healthcare provider to find out what to do.

If you were born after 1 January 1969, you must have evidence of your immunity.

This is because:

  • it can be hard to tell if a person has had measles or another viral infection that causes a rash. In the past people may have mistakenly been told they had measles.
  • often people remember they were “fully vaccinated” as a child but don’t know what vaccines they received and when they received them. This information is needed to decide if you are immune.