About Massey

Massey has strong expertise and a solid reputation in providing distance learning and practical applied courses for diverse audiences.

Massey University’s School of Public Health has set up the Certificate in Public Health in a way that is supportive and achievable for students who have not done university study before, while challenging those with tertiary qualifications.

Importantly, Massey has a proven online collaborative learning platform (STREAM), where students can access online lectures, tutorial sessions, research and assignment information.  STREAM is also assists students with information about setting up regional and/or interest peer groups that will encourage and support them in their learning. 
It also offers practical support with building your study skills and links students to extra assistance.

Massey’s Online Writing and Learning Link (OWLL) also supports students with study skills and guidelines, as does the Certificate in Public Health teaching staff.  

Unique to Massey University will be the opportunity for students to transition from the Certificate in Public Health into to higher learning degree opportunities.

Who it's for

Two major groups have been identified as the primary audience for the Certificate in Public Health:

  • Those who are already working to improve public health in their community without a formal tertiary qualification, but who wish to strengthen their public health knowledge and expand their career opportunities through formal tertiary qualifications.
  • Those already working in public health who hold a formal tertiary qualification, but wish to strengthen their understanding of public health contexts and practice.

The Certificate in Public Health will also be relevant to people from the primary health care sector who may require public health skills and knowledge, and to new immigrants to New Zealand whose jobs require competencies that relate to the New Zealand public health sector. 

The Certificate in Public Health provides an accessible and manageable first step qualification (particularly for the non-regulated workforce) that has been purposefully designed for people working in public health related work. It is designed to be engaging and achievable for students who have not previously completed higher education courses.

You will be awarded a level five Massey University Certificate in Public Health at Massey University’s graduation ceremonies.

What you can do after

Massey will allow students to transition onto higher degree courses, including some transference of equivalent credits from the Certificate in Public Health. This is a unique opportunity for the unregulated workforce to pathway into higher learning. 

The higher degree courses could open up opportunities to specialise in areas such as health protection, health promotion, public health nursing and medicine. 

See Massey University list of programmes for more information about these careers and more.