Balancing equity and safety 

As providers, the safety and wellbeing of your staff and the people you support is paramount. Health providers must manage the complexity of balancing the need for people to connect with their whanau and communities to receive care and to limit the risk of transmission.  

Many older people may have underlying conditions that make them at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. People should  take extra precautions to keep safe and providers should ensure they protect staff and the people they support appropriately.

Risk assessments

COVID-19 risk assessment should be used to consider:

  • the level of personal protection equipment (PPE) required (for example masks, full PPE)
  • the method of service delivery (for example, remote or face to face)
  • the number of staff required to provide the appropriate and safe level of support.

In relation to individual service delivery providers should also consider:

  • if there is a lack of clarity about the person’s movement or contact history
  • if the person is a household contact of a COVID-19 case
  • if the person is currently infected with COVID-19
  • if the person is vaccinated.