Places to advertise job vacancies or search for workers

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 Student Job Search


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Student Job Search (SJS) is New Zealand's leading source of student jobs, employment advice and emerging talent.

A not-for-profit, all New Zealand-based employers can access SJS to connect with talented graduates and students across the country.

Just create an account to list a job and find what you’re looking for right away.

 MSD Job Connect – Find Staff  Recruiter Free A free recruitment service run by Work and Income to help you find people who are looking for work in your area. You can list your vacancies through your local Work and Income team or by calling 0800 778 008.
 Jobs During COVID


Job site


Free A free self-service site hosted by Work and Income where you can advertise job vacancies and search through the existing pool of workers who have registered their details.
 Māori and Pacific jobs


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Free A paid service used to advertise jobs aimed at New Zealand’s Māori and Pacific communities.


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Free A free service for people who qualify for individualised funding to create job listings, and search through their database of workers. This site is primarily for aged care, home care, and disability support roles.


Job site



A homecare platform that provides you with an easy way to find and connect to independent contract support workers, who live near to you and provides the tools to manage the working relationship.

Workers on the platform provide a variety of support for at home and in the community.


Other places you can advertise vacancies

We recommend posting job vacancies in multiple places that reach your intended audience for the highest chance of filling vacancies you have – some of those places may include social media. While they’re not specifically designed as job recruitment sites, websites that have community message boards, such as Neighbourly and community Facebook groups can be an effective way to promote job vacancies you need to fill.

If you search for Facebook groups containing the suburb where you’re looking for workers, plus the terms ‘buy’, ‘sell’, ‘trade’ or ‘jobs’, you may find more people visit the job listing you post if you link to them using local community Facebook or Neighbourly groups.

For safety reasons, we recommend that you don’t use anybody’s personal information when posting to Facebook or Neighbourly.