Chapter last reviewed and updated in May 2012.

Non-seasonal influenza (capable of being transmitted between human beings) was added to the notifiable infectious diseases schedule of the Health Act 1956 (schedule 1) on 29 April 2009 with the intention of making notifiable any novel strains of influenza causing disease in humans, particularly where there is concern that the strain may have pandemic potential.

As a result, this is a category of notifiable disease that will only occasionally be activated, although when it is activated, activation is likely to happen quickly. Activation occurs when the Director of Public Health develops and disseminates clinical and related guidelines for the relevant strain. In the absence of any such current guidelines, this category will be inactive.

Further information on the surveillance and management of the strain of influenza will be provided through updates to these guidelines, and hence no further information is provided in this manual.

Note: A separate chapter relates to highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).