Te Whatu Ora has made an offer to settle the NZNO Nurses Collective Agreement that if agreed, would provide significant additional increases to nurse’s salaries. This is on top of the current offer to settle the nursing pay equity claim which totals $1.5 billion and is currently out for consideration.


The latest collective agreement offer comes after constructive conversations with the NZNO where agreement was reached that it would be taken to its members. It includes a settlement package which responds to claims around pay, safe staffing. support for nurses coordinating shifts, and health and safety.


“We value the enormous contribution nurses make to the health system and thank them for the critical role they have in caring for the health needs of our whānau and communities,” says Fionnagh Dougan, National Director, Hospital & Specialist Services, Te Whatu Ora.


“Te Whatu Ora recognises the importance of health and safety and the wellbeing of our staff, and this remains a joint priority for us and our union partners. We have already put many processes in place, and others are being considered, to address this.


“We continue our work to increase our nursing workforce, with almost 3,500 more nurses in our hospitals compared to five years ago and ongoing work to recruit more.


“This sits alongside plans to train more nurses including the additional 830 nurses announced earlier this month,” says Fionnagh Dougan.


Prior to Te Whatu Ora making this offer to settle the Collective Agreement, NZNO had balloted their members to take strike action.  NZNO has confirmed that notice of strike action will be issued with the strike intended to occur on 9 August.  


The ratification process for the Collective Agreement will occur between the 1 and 7 August. 


“Te Whatu Ora is disappointed that NZNO has refused to defer giving notice of any strike action until after the ratification outcome for the Collective Agreement settlement is known,” says Fionnagh Dougan.


On July 24 all employed Te Whatu Ora nurses will also be invited to vote whether to approve the proposed pay equity claim settlement agreement reached between Te Whatu Ora, NZNO and the PSA.


The pay equity offer if approved, would see:

  • pay for a Senior Nurses increase by up to 6.5% and up to a 4.5% increase for Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Mental Health Care Assistants, back paid to March 2022.
  • All employed Health Care Assistants and Nurses receiving a further $15,000 lump sum payment in recognition of prior work, pro-rated for service and FTE in the period 1 January 2020 to 6 March 2022.


The settlement will be in addition to the agreed in principle pay equity rates paid in February 2023 and backdated to 7 March 2022, and the $10,000 lump sum payment (prorated) already paid.


If the pay equity offer is approved, senior nurses will earn between $105,704 and $153,060 per annum full time, plus penal rates and registered nurses will earn between $69,566 and $99,630 per annum full time, plus penal rates.


If approved, the total value of the pay equity settlement for nurses will be $4 billion. Pay rates for graduate nurses will have increased an average of 40.7% and for registered nurses at the top of their scale, by 49.2%, since 2017.