Attribute to Te Whatu Ora Chief Executive Margie Apa:

Te Whatu Ora is continuing efforts to try to reach a settlement with the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS).

The parties met again on Tuesday, with Te Whatu Ora urging ASMS to join it in making an application to the Employment Relations Authority for facilitated bargaining, after negotiations reached an impasse.

However, the union executive has not confirmed a joint approach and Te Whatu Ora will now apply on its own to the Authority for facilitation.

We are disappointed that ASMS did not join us in this initiative but remain committed to doing all we can to resolve this dispute.

We continue to urge the union executive to formally present the current offer to their membership.

We also requested the union executive consider lifting notice of further strike action while we seek facilitation, but they have yet to respond.

As such, Te Whatu Ora is continuing to plan for the four-hour strike by senior doctors and dentists tomorrow [note to editors: September 21] from 10am-2pm.

While our teams are still determining the impact of the strike, it is likely up to 250 planned care procedures and specialist appointments will be deferred if the strike goes ahead.

We encourage patients who have an appointment or surgery scheduled at this time to attend unless they have already been contacted to reschedule it.

Patient safety is our utmost priority: our emergency departments will remain open, and plans are in place to ensure continuity of care in our hospitals.

People should call 111 or go to an emergency department if they experience a medical emergency.

We have an agreement with the union that senior doctors will attend any life or limb-threatening emergencies during the strike period if required.




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