Te Whatu Ora has taken a significant step to connect the health system’s multiple data environments into one common national platform for data management, and sharing for reporting and analytics.


It has chosen Accenture, in partnership with Acumen BI, as implementation partner for the National Data Platform (NDP), which will unify information held by more than 28 entities under the previous health system.


Te Whatu Ora Interim Head of Integration Stuart Bloomfield says the NDP will enable Te Whatu Ora, Te Aka Whai Ora and Manatū Hauora to access health datasets for analytics and reporting using modern, secure, automated technologies.


“This is a significant milestone for the reformed health system, as the NDP is a truly foundational project,” Mr Bloomfield says.


“It is the beginning of a multi-year transition and we’re looking forward to connecting our many data environments into one nationally consistent information hub. The data will be secured and ready for analysis so we can track how the health system is performing and where we can improve.”


Mr Bloomfield says the NDP will provide researchers and planners with access to a wide range of “analytics-ready” information they can’t currently view in one location, because the previous health entities held data in different ways.


“The existing data environments all vary in degree of maturity, quality, and consistency. That has significant deficiencies, as some data is either incomplete, can be difficult to find and access, or is not well-structured. That all adds cost to the system and is unsustainable.”


It will allow Te Whatu Ora’s regions, districts and localities to share and access the information they need to gain quicker insights into both national and local delivery of care – and, ultimately, improve the health system’s performance for all New Zealanders. 


The NDP is not the only project that will be working to integrate national data. Platforms for enabling individuals, clinicians, and health providers to access patient information in a nationally consistent way to support personal health and wellbeing are also being developed.


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