Albany Senior High School contact tracing

Contact tracing for Albany Senior High School is progressing well. The school’s immunisation records indicate a high percentage of students are considered immune to measles, based on previously having two doses of the MMR vaccine (over the age of 12 months old).

We are matching the national immunisation records of everyone who was at school on the days the student was infectious. This is taking some time to verify but early indications are that close to 80 percent of students have either one or two doses of MMR vaccine, so the majority have some protection against measles.

We are also moving fast to check staff immunity, with blood tests taking place where necessary. Having enough staff who are immune and not in quarantine will be key to a decision to reopen the school on Monday. There will be an update tomorrow on this.

If students and staff do not have evidence of immunity, they need to stay at home in quarantine. People are immune if they have had two MMR vaccinations, are born before 1969 or have had measles before. You can check your child’s immunity by either calling your child’s GP or checking their Well Child/Tamaraki Ora book.

Those who have not been contacted yet need to remain at home until they hear from Auckland Regional Public Health Service (if they do not have any evidence of immunity).

Border travel link

The source of infection for the person with measles announced yesterday was believed to be someone known to them, who had recently travelled abroad.

This contact has now been identifed as a confirmed case. This person is a household member of the first case, and is also staying at home currently. This provides a link back to the border.

There is one exposure related to this confirmed case. This occurred at Chemist Warehouse Albany on 20/4/2023 from 2.45pm to 4.30pm.

This has been identified as a lower risk exposure event, as the case was present for a very brief time.

People who were present at the exposure event should check their measles immunity. You are considered immune to measles if:

  • you were born before 1 January 1969; or 
  • you have had measles before; or
  • you have had two doses of a measles vaccine

If you were at the exposure event and not immune to measles, or you are not sure if you are immune, please:

  • Watch out for measles symptoms and call your GP/doctor or Healthline on 0800 611 116 if these occur.
  • Get vaccinated against measles.

Measles vaccination urged

In light of these cases, we are continuing to strongly encourage everyone who is elibile for two doses of the MMR vaccine to get themselves and any eligible children immunised.

The MMR vaccine is offered to tamariki on the schedule at 12 months and 15 months.

For those who missed out on their MMR immunisations, it’s free for everyone under 18 years old – it does not matter what your visa or citizenship status is. This includes visitors to Aotearoa New Zealand.

For people over 18 years old, the MMR vaccine is free if you’re a resident, or eligible for free healthcare in New Zealand. Adults born before 1969 are not able to have an MMR vaccine.

Pātiki and Waharua Kōpito patterns

Contact your usual doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider to book an appointment

People over 3 years old can get an MMR vaccine at lots of pharmacies.