There will be an additional 200 security staff (93 FTEs working in emergency departments (EDs) over the Christmas and New Year period. 


The announcement was made today (Friday) at Auckland City Hospital by Health Minister, Dr Shane Reti. 


Our teams working in emergency departments have voiced concerns over their safety and there has been an increase in reported incidents in the last 12 months.


We have identified eight “higher risk” emergency departments: four hospitals in Auckland and Waikato; Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin hospitals. Each hospital will receive an additional five round-the-clock security staff over the holiday period.


A further 24 emergency departments, described as “hotspots”, will receive between two and five additional round-the-clock security staff each to help manage pressures over the peak of summer holidays. “Hotspots” are emergency departments that have previously experienced an increase in violence and aggression over the summer months. The additional security staff will be available through to mid-January or late February depending on local needs.


This additional security staff will help staff working in EDs and people visiting our EDs feel safe over the holidays while we work with the Health Minister, Dr Shane Reti on a longer-term plan.


For more information see the full media release on the Beehive website