It’s now simpler to book vaccines that protect you and anyone in your whānau aged 13 and over against measles and diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough using Book My Vaccine. 


The addition of measles and whooping cough vaccinations provides another place, available 24/7, for people to search and book vaccination appointments when they want. 


This helps support greater vaccination access across the motu, especially for people who may face barriers when booking in person or over the phone. 


It is also particularly useful for pregnant people who can now book all pregnancy immunisations through Book My Vaccine. You can have your whooping cough, flu and COVID-19 vaccines at one appointment. 


Currently, over 120 locations are available on Book My Vaccine to book measles and whooping cough vaccinations. More vaccine providers are being added daily and the map will be updated from mid-June. 
Book My Vaccine continues to offer appointments for flu and COVID-19 vaccines for everyone who is eligible.  


Since it launched in 2021, 8.6 million appointments for COVID-19 have been booked using Book My Vaccine, and nearly 120,000 flu vaccination appointments have been booked during the 2023 flu season.  


Other immunisations, including those for children under the age of 13, can be booked directly with your doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider. 


To find our which vaccinations you’re eligible for, visit