Outline of four phases to replace the NIR and CIR with the AIR

Our plan to replace the NIR and CIR with the AIR is being carried out in four phases. These phases may at times overlap.

Phase One: Supporting the 2022 flu campaign 

Phase one of the AIR implementation was focused on supporting the roll-out of flu vaccinations through 2022. This was largely centred on the implementation of a flu form in the CIR, the implementation of GP notifications to make sure GPs are aware of flu vaccinations happening outside of general practice, and the pilot of the new AIR administration system to improve data collection and monitor data quality.  

Phase Two: Reducing the load on the NIR and developing the AIR vaccinator portal (in flight) 

Phase two focuses on developing the AIR vaccinator portal. This includes onboarding facilities and staff, recording vaccinations and viewing vaccination history held in the NIR, CIR and AIR. This phase is underway and is estimated to run to Q3 2023. During this phase we will continue to add functionality to the AIR vaccinator portal, including increasing the number of vaccines. As the AIR vaccinator portal evolves, we will continue to onboard more users from across the immunisation sector and reduce the load on the NIR.  

Phase Three: Enabling consumer access to immunisation records 

The AIR programme is working with other Te Whatu Ora programmes to develop a digital channel for consumers to access their own immunisation records, and those of their dependents. 

Phase Four: Migrating and shifting connected systems from the NIR to AIR 

The largest phase of the programme is implementing the Immunisation Source of Truth (ImmSOT), migrating data from the current NIR, and connecting existing systems (including GP and other third-party systems) to the AIR. 

What is currently happening?

Updated January 2023

The AIR vaccinator portal supports vaccinators working outside of general practice to record vaccinations and view vaccination history that exists in the AIR, NIR and CIR.

A pilot has been completed in November 2022 with a small number of Māori community providers who used the AIR vaccinator portal to record adult MMR vaccinations. The pilot was used to assist with testing the system and providing insights into future requirements. 

The AIR is still in early stages of development and therefore we are operating a staged approach to adoption of the AIR vaccinator portal:

  • Since December 2022, the pharmacy sector has been invited to sign up to the AIR vaccinator portal. The aim is for the AIR vaccinator portal to replace ImmuniseNow from Q1 2023. Additionally, public health teams providing Mpox consultations have been invited to sign up.
  • From early February 2023, Maori and Pacific community providers will be prioritised to ensure they are onboarded prior to the 2023 flu season.
  • Throughout February 2023, providers that provide influenza vaccination services are invited to commence signing up, these include Occupational Health & Lead Maternity Carers (who vaccinate)
  • As the AIR develops other parts of the sector will be invited to adopt the AIR when the relevant functions are in place to meet that provider's needs.

A new consumer channel will be available for consumers to view their own immunisation records that are held in the national collection, we estimate this will be available from April 2023. This solution will evolve over the course of 2023 to enable whānau to view their dependents immunisation records.

Work continues in engaging with PMS vendors to develop the next stages of the AIR which will support the connection of electronic patient management systems (PMS) with AIR. We will keep you updated as progress is made.