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WCTO practitioner handbook

The Well Child/Tamariki Ora Programme Practitioner Handbook (the Handbook) has been developed to assist and support all providers who deliver Well Child/Tamariki Ora (WCTO) services in accordance with the WCTO Schedule.


WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

WCTO schedule

The Schedule outlines the 12 core visits delivered as part of the Well / Child Tamariki Ora Programme to protect and improve health outcomes for New Zealand children, from birth to 5 years.


WCTO schedule

Health and development assessments

Child growth and development

Information about child growth and development available in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ)

Information about the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ) in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

Developmental assessments (PEDS)

Information about developmental assessments (PEDS) in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

Behavioural assessment (SDQ)

Information about behavioural assessments (SDQ) in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

Vision and hearing

Information about vision and hearing in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

Intuto modules

Intuto is an online learning platform developed by Whānau Āwhina Plunket developed to support WCTO nurses in their mahi prior to undertaking the Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Health Care and while on the programme.

Accessing Intuto:
Please contact your WCTO Team leader/Manager to access the registration link and information to access Intuto.

Family/whānau care and support

Family health and wellbeing

Information about family health and wellbeing available in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)

Family violence assessment

Please refer to your organisations Family Violence and Child Protection policies and ensure you understand how to support yourself and others safety. Also find out who in your team and community you need to work with to ensure yours and others safety.

Information about Family violence assessment

Needs assessment and appropriate referral

Information about needs assessment and appropriate referral available in the WCTO practitioner handbook (pdf.2.8MB)