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Are you at risk?

Check whether you’re at risk of hepatitis C and choose where to get tested

National guidance to support the development of integrated regional hepatitis C services

 The Hepatitis C Implementation Advisory Group established by the Ministry of Health updated their guidance in January 2019 in response to the new treatments:

The Hepatitis C Implementation Advisory Group was led by Professor Ed Gane, Professor of Medicine at the University of Auckland and chief hepatologist at Auckland City Hospital’s Liver Transplant Unit.

In February 2017, Professor Gane was awarded New Zealand Innovator of the Year in recognition of his dedicated and innovative work contributing to the development of a cure for hepatitis C.

BPAC resource for primary care

A Best Practice Advocacy Centre (BPAC) resource has been developed to provide prescribers in primary care with comprehensive guidance on the management of patients with hepatitis C.

This resource was updated in January 2019 to highlight how hepatitis C management in primary care has changed with the new treatment available from 1 February.

Understanding hepatitis C – Know it. Test it. Treat it.

Resources have been developed to support a greater understanding of hepatitis C. 

This includes a pamphlet explaining what is hepatitis C, who is at risk, the symptoms, how to avoid infecting others, and treatment options.  

A poster is also available to raise awareness about who is at risk of hepatitis C and to encourage people to ask their health care professional about getting tested.