Violence Intervention Programme 8 panel wallet card Pamphlets

Partner Abuse: This is Not Love, This is Control


Child Abuse and Neglect Intervention Flowchart

Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Flowchart

Resource orders

There may be limits to the number of resources that can be ordered. Please contact the National VIP Coordinator for more information.

Additional resources

Family violence literature

NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse

A selection of reports, articles and resources on family violence (including intimate partner violence, child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and more).

Resources and training opportunities for health services and health professionals


IPV and Family Violence resources, and training and support for clinicians working in Sexual Assault Assessment Services or the national Non-Fatal Strangulation Service.


Goodfellow webinar (2021)

Provides a brief overview of health impacts, asking and responding to family violence in primary care.


Pharmac seminar series (2018)

Recorded seminar on sexual assault and intimate partner violence for health providers.


Starship Children’s Hospital guidelines for Abuse and Neglect


Whāraurau trauma-informed care resources

Provides resources and training in trauma-informed care for children and tamariki.

Elder abuse resources


A collection of useful content about elder abuse for clinicians, including an overview of the topic and links to other sources of information.


Te Tari Kaumatua, Office for Seniors, Raising Awareness of Elder Abuse

Provides elder abuse awareness resources and research, as well as information on preventing and getting help for suspected cases of elder abuse.


The Light Project

Resources and research findings around online abuse and the impacts of pornography.

Resources for those affected by abuse