Admission Source code table

For the national collections.

Admission Source Code
R Routine Admission
T Transferred from another facility

Admission Type code table

For the national collections.

Admission Type code
Start date
End date
AA Arranged Admission    
AC Acute    
AP Private hospital elective admission    
RL Psychiatric patient returned from leave    
WN Admitted from waiting list - Normal    
WU Admitted from waiting list (code not used)    
ZA Arranged Admission, ACC covered   30-Jun-04
ZC Acute, ACC covered   30-Jun-04
ZP Private, ACC covered   30-Jun-04
ZW Waiting list, ACC covered   30-Jun-04

Agency Type code table

For the national collections.

Agency Type code
Agency Type description
1 District Health Board
2 Community Trust
9 Health Centres
10 Private Health Group
11 Cancer Screening Programme
12 Other publicly funded agency
13 Charitable trust or incorporated society
14 Other non-governmental agency

Note: Dates for many of these agencies have been arbitrarily set at the date that data was first collected. Opening and closing dates for new health agencies are more accurate.

Birth/Death Location code table

For the national collections.

Birth/Death Location code Description
1 Public hospital
2 Private hospital
3 Psychiatric hospital
4 Other institution
5 Private residence
6 Other
9 Defaultvalue

Clinical code system

This field identifies the edition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) and the Australian Classification of Health Interventions (ACHI) to which each clinical code system code belongs too. 

Clinical code system


  Period used in NMDS



 1988 – 30 June 1995


Read (used in primary care)




 1 July 1995 – 30 June 1999


DSM-IV (used in PRIMHD)



ICD-10-AM/MBS-E First Edition

 1 July 1999 – 30 June 2001


ICD-10-AM/MBS-E Second Edition

 1 July 2001 – 30 June 2004


ICD-10-AM/ACHI Third Edition

 1 July 2004 – 30 June 2008


ICD-10-AM/ACHI Sixth Edition

 1 July 2008 – 30 June 2014


ICD-10-AM/ACHI Eighth Edition

 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2019


ICD-10-AM/ACHI Eleventh Edition

 1 July 2019 – 30 June 2023


ICD-10-AM/ACHI Twelfth Edition

 1 July 2023 –

Clinical code type

This field shows the clinical code type associated with each ICD-10-AM/ACHI code. It indicates which section of the ICD-10-AM/ACHI classification each code belongs to. The values in this field are:

Clinical code type



Diagnosis (includes diagnosis and special purpose codes)


Injury (includes injury, poisoning and complications of surgical/medical care)


DSM-IV (used in PRIMHD)


External cause of injury (includes injury, poisoning and complications of surgical/medical care)


Morphology (pathology)


Operation/Procedure (includes surgical, medical and other procedures)


Supplementary classification/health factors (includes factors influencing health status and contact with health services)

Condition onset flag

The condition onset flag (COF) is a means of differentiating those conditions which arise during, from those arising before, an admitted episode of care.

The condition onset flag was implemented 1 July 2012 and is only applicable for clinical code types  A, B, V, E or M.

Condition onset flag values



A condition which arises during the episode of admitted of care and would not have been present or suspected on admission


A condition previously existing or suspected on admission such as presenting problem, a comorbidity or chronic disease


Not reported (this was only used for exempt facilities and is the default for discharges from private surgical events, hospices and rest home hospitals)

Country of birth code table

For the national collections.

Country of Birth code
Country of Birth description
004 Djibouti
008 Afganistan
012 Albania
016 Algeria
020 American Samoa
024 Andorra
028 Angola
030 Anguilla
031 Azerbaijan
032 Antarctica Undefined
036 Antarctica Foreign
040 Antarctica British
044 Antarctica USA
048 Antigua and Barbuda
051 Armenia
052 Argentina
056 Aruba
060 Australia
064 Austria
068 Bahamas
070 Bosnia-Herzegovina
072 Bahrain
073 Africa Undefined
076 Bangladesh
080 Barbados
082 Belarus
084 Belgium
088 Belize
090 Benin
092 Bermuda
096 Bhutan
100 Bolivia
104 Botswana
108 Brazil
112 British Indian Ocean Territories
120 Virgin Islands, British
124 Brunei Daressalam
128 Bulgaria
132 Myanmar (Burma)
136 Burundi
140 White Russia (disused)
144 Cameroon
148 Canada
152 Canton and Enderbury Islands (disused)
156 Cabo Verde
160 Cayman Islands
164 Central African Republic
168 Chad
172 Channel Islands
175 Mayotte
176 Chile
180 China, Peoples Republic of
181 Christmas Island
182 Cocos (Keeling) Islands
184 Colombia
188 Grande Comore (disused)
192 Congo
196 Cook Islands
200 Costa Rica
202 Croatia
203 Czech Republic
204 Cuba
208 Cyprus
212 Czechoslovakia (disused)
220 Denmark
224 Dominica
228 Dominican Republic
230 East Timor
232 Ecuador
233 Estonia
236 Egypt
237 Eritrea
239 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
240 El Salvador
242 Born at sea
244 England
248 Equatorial Guinea
252 Estonia (disused)
256 Ethiopia
260 Faeroe Islands
264 Falkland Islands
268 Fiji
272 Finland
276 France
280 French Guiana
284 French Polynesia
286 French Southern Territories
288 Gabon
292 Gambia
294 Georgia
296 East Germany (disused)
300 Germany
304 Ghana
308 Gibraltar
312 Kiribati
316 Greece
320 Greenland
321 Serbia
322 Republic of Kosovo
324 Grenada
328 Guadeloupe
332 Guam
336 Guatemala
340 Guinea
344 Guinea Bissau
348 Guyana
352 Haiti
356 Honduras
360 Hong Kong
364 Hungary
368 Iceland
372 India
376 Indonesia
380 Iran
384 Iraq
388 Republic of Ireland
392 Isle of Man
396 Israel
398 Kazakhstan
400 Italy
404 Cote D'Ivoire
408 Jamaica
412 Japan
416 Jordan
417 Kyrgyzstan
418 Cambodia
420 Kenya
428 Korea, Democratic People's republic of (North)
432 Korea, Republic of (South)
436 Kuwait
440 Laos
444 Latvia
448 Lebanon
452 Lesotho
456 Liberia
460 Libyan Arab Republic
464 Liechtenstein
468 Lithuania
472 Luxembourg
476 Macau
480 Madagascar
484 Malawi
488 Malaysia
492 Maldives
496 Mali
498 Moldova
500 Malta
502 Marshall Islands
504 Martinique
508 Mauritania
512 Mauritius
516 Mexico
517 Midway Islands (disused)
518 Micronesia, Federated States of
520 Monaco
524 Mongolia
528 Montserrat
532 Morocco
536 Mozambique
540 Namibia
544 Nauru
548 Nepal
552 Netherlands
556 Netherlands Antilles
560 Neutral Zone (disused)
564 New Caledonia
568 Vanuatu
572 New Zealand
576 Nicaragua
580 Niger
584 Nigeria
588 Niue
592 Norfolk Island
596 Northern Ireland
598 Northern Mariana Islands
600 Norway
604 Oman
608 Federated States of Micronesia(disused)
612 Pakistan
614 Palau
616 Panama
624 Papua New Guinea
628 Paraguay
632 Peru
636 Philippines
640 Pitcairn Island
643 Russia
644 Poland
648 Portugal
656 Puerto Rico
660 Qatar
664 Reunion
668 Zimbabwe
672 Romania
676 Rwanda
680 St Helena
684 St Kitts Nevis
688 St Lucia
692 St Pierre Miquelon
696 St Vincent and The Grenadines
698 Samoa
700 San Marino
703 Slovakia
704 Sao Tome and Principe
708 Saudi Arabia
712 Scotland
716 Senegal
720 Seychelles
724 Sierra Leone
732 Singapore
733 Slovenia
734 Solomon Islands
736 Somalia
740 South Africa
744 Spain
752 Sri Lanka
756 Sudan
760 Suriname
762 Tajikistan
764 Swaziland
768 Sweden
772 Switzerland
776 Syria
780 Taiwan
784 Tanzania
788 Thailand
792 Togo
795 Turkmenistan
796 Tokelau
800 Tonga
804 Trinidad and Tobago
807 Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of
808 Tunisia
812 Turkey
816 Turks and Caicos Islands
820 Tuvalu
824 Uganda
828 Ukraine
832 Russia (disused)
836 United Arab Emirates
840 Great Britain
843 Curacao
844 United States of America
846 United States Minor Outlying Islands
848 Uzbekistan
852 Virgin Islands, United States
856 Burkina Faso
860 Uruguay
864 Vatican City
868 Venezuela
872 Viet Nam
880 Wake Island (disused)
884 Wales
888 Wallis and Futuna Island
890 Western Sahara
896 Yemen (disused)
897 Yemen
900 Yemen (Democratic South Yemen) (disused)
904 Yugoslavia
908 Zaire
912 Zambia
951 America Undefined
952 Asia Undefined
953 South East Asia Undefined
954 Europe
955 Germany Undefined
956 Ireland Undefined
957 Melanesia Undefined
958 Micronesia Undefined
959 Pacific Islands Undefined
960 Polynesia Undefined
961 South America Undefined
999 Not Specified

Diagnosis type code

A code that groups clinical codes or indicates the priority of a diagnosis.

Diagnosis type code



Principal diagnosis


Other relevant diagnosis


Non-contributory cancer (Mortality collection only)


Underlying cause of death (Mortality collection only)


External cause of injury


Selected contributory cause B1 (Mortality collection only)


Selected contributory cause B2 (Mortality collection only)


Main maternal disease in fetal or infant death (Mortality collection only)


Other maternal disease in fetal or infant death (Mortality collection only)


Other relevant disease in fetal or infant death (Mortality collection only)


Complication of diabetes mellitus (Mortality collection only)


Location of injury (Mortality collection only)


Morphology (pathological nature of growth)


Nature of Injury (Mortality collection only)




Mental Health provisional diagnosis (PRIMHD only)


Activity (Mortality collection only)


External cause of injury that contributed to death (Mortality collection only)

District Health Board code table

For the national collections.

Three Digit Code Four Digit Code Char Code HPI Code Name
District Health Board code table
011 1011 NLD G00026-A Northland
021 1021 NWA G00013-C Waitemata
022 1022 CAK G00011-K Auckland
023 1023 SAK G00012-A Counties Manukau
031 2031 WKO G00027-C Waikato
042 2042 LKS G00028-E Lakes
047 2047 BOP G00031-E Bay of Plenty
051 2051 TRW G00029-G Tairawhiti
071 2071 TKI G00030-C Taranaki
061 3061 HWB G00032-G Hawke's Bay
081 3081 MWU G00033-J Midcentral
082 3082 WNI G00035-B Whanganui
091 3091 CAP G00036-D Capital and Coast
092 3092 HUT G00006-F Hutt
093 3093 WRP G00037-F Wairarapa
101 3101 NLM G00038-H Nelson Marlborough
111 4111 WCO G00039-K West Coast
121 4121 CTY G00005-D Canterbury
123 4123 SCY G00025-K South Canterbury
160 4160 SRN G02328-E Southern

Domicile code table

For the national collections.

Ethnicity code tables

For the national collections. 

Note that lists of level 3 and level 4 codes can be found in Ethnicity Data Protocols for the Health and Disability Sector.

For more information, read Reporting ethnicity to the national collections.

Level 1 ethnic codes

Level 1 ethnic codes
Ethnic Group code Ethnic Group code description
1 European
2 Maori
3 Pacific Peoples
4 Asian
5 Middle Eastern/Latin American/African
6 Other Ethnicity
9 Residual Categories

Level 2 ethnic codes

Level 2 ethnic codes
Ethnic Group code Ethnic Group code description
Ethnic Group priority
10 European not further defined
11 NZ European
12 Other European
21 NZ Maori
30 Pacific Island not further defined
31 Samoan
32 Cook Island Maori
33 Tongan
34 Niuean
35 Tokelauan
36 Fijian
37 Other Pacific Island
40 Asian not further defined
41 Southeast Asian
42 Chinese
43 Indian
44 Other Asian
51 Middle Eastern
52 Latin American / Hispanic
53 African
54 Other (retired on 1/07/2009)
61 Other ethnicity
94 Don't know
95 Refused to answer
97 Response unidentifiable
99 Not stated

Event End Type code table

For the national collections.

Event End Type code table
Event End Type code Description
DA Discharge to acute specialist facility
DC Psychiatric patient discharged to community care
DD Died
DF Change of funder
DI Self discharge from hospital,indemnity signed
DL Committed psychiatric patient discharged to leave of more than 14 days
DN Psychiatric remand patient discharged without committal
DO Discharge of a patient kept sustainable for organ donation
DP Psychiatric patient transferred for further psychiatric care
DR Ended routinely
DS Self discharge from hospital (no indemnity signed)
DT Discharge of patient to another healthcare facility
DW Discharge to other service within same facility
EA Discharge from ED acute to specialist facility (neonates & burns only)
ED Died while still in emergency department acute facility
EI Self discharge from an ED acute facility with indemnity signed
ER Routine discharge from an emergency department acute facility
ES Self discharge from an ED facility without indemnity
ET Discharge from ED acute facility to another healthcare facility
OB Discharge to Observation Unit (NNPAC only)

Event Type code table

For the national collections.

Event Type
Event Type code description
BT Birth event
CM Community
CO Cultural setting, non-Māori
CR Community Refered
CS Cultural Setting
DM Domiciliary
DP Day patient
DT Death event
GP General Practitioner event
ID Intended day case
IM Psychiatric inpatient event
IP Non-psychiatric inpatient event
MC Māori cultural setting
NP Non-psychiatric
OP Outpatient event

Facility code table

The HPI Facility Id is the master Facility identifier assigned to all facilities.

Health Facility Codes are assigned only where needed for National Collections and some older systems.

While every endeavour is made to keep the data in the facilities spreadsheet up to date and accurate, please email where:

  • any of the information in the spreadsheet appears incorrect
  • there is no Health Facility Code for a facility (only when one is needed)
  • you require a new facility to be added.

The minimum data required for assigning a new HPI Facility Id is:

  • Name of Organisation that will own/manage/operate the facility
  • Name of the facility
  • Street address of the facility  (and any other info such as building name if relevant)
  • Contact details for the facility – eg, Phone, email
  • Type of facility – eg, mobile vaccination site, Pharmacy, etc.

Note: National Collections

The HPI Facility ID is currently only to be used for the Ministry of Social Development's medical certificates, PRIMHD and the NPF national collections. For all other applications please continue to use the Health Facility Code.

While a facility code may exist in this spreadsheet, this is no guarantee that the code will be accepted by any national collection. If there is a less commonly used facility code you are intending on submitting to a national collection, please confirm this code with the Data Management team at:

Facility Type code table

For the national collections.

Facility Type code
Facility Type code description
01 Public Hospital
02 Private Hospital
03 Psychiatric Hospital
04 G.P. Practice
10 Health Centre
11 Local Cancer Registry
12 Mental Health outpatient service
13 Cervical Screening Programme
14 Drug and Alcohol Treatment facility
15 Mental Health community skills enhancement facility
16 Kaupapa Māori Service
17 Pacific Island Service
18 Mental Health community team
19 Child, Adolescent and Family service
20 Mental Health day hospital
21 Mental Health residential 1 to 5 facility
22 Mental Health residential and skills enhancement facility
23 Forensic Mental Health treatment facility
24 Intellectual Disability facility
25 Charitable Trust facility
26 Ambulance (This code is not available for national collections reporting)
99 Other

Health Specialty code table

For the national collections.

Laboratory code table

For the national collections.

Note: Laboratory opening dates have been arbitrarily set to 1 January 1930 for public laboratories and 1 January 1960 for community laboratories – new laboratories will be added with the correct opening date.

Laboratory code table
Laboratory code
Laboratory description
Laboratory address
Laboratory opening date
Laboratory closing date
0001 Northland Pathological Laboratory The Rust Building, 24 Rust Avenue, Whangarei 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0002 Auckland Medlab Ltd 125-192 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0003 Auckland Diagnostic Laboratory 43 Symonds Street, Auckland 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0004 Waikato Pathology Laboratory Anglesea Clinic, Level 1, Cnr Anglesea & Thackeray Streets, Hamilton 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0005 Hamilton Medical Laboratory Cnr Knox & Anglesea Street, Hamilton 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0006 Rotorua Medical Laboratory 4 Amohia Street, Rotorua 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0007 Tauranga Medlab Ltd 16 1st Avenue, Tauranga 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0008 Gisborne Laboratories 163 Carnarvon Street, Gisborne 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0009 New Plymouth Diagnostic Laboratories 79 Vivian Street, New Plymouth 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0010 Medlab Hawkes Bay Royston Laboratory, Knight Street, Hastings 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0011 Napier Medical Laboratory Royston Laboratory, Knight Street, Hastings 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0012 Palmerston North Medical Diagnostic Laboratory 160 Grey Street, Palmerston North 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0013 Wanganui Diagnostic Laboratory Suite 5, Wicksteed Terrace, Victoria Avenue, Whanganui 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0014 Valley Diagnostic Laboratories, Lower Hutt 22 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0015 Wellington Medical Laboratory CMC Building, 89 Courtney Place, Wellington 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0016 Nelson Diagnostic Laboratories 1 Harley St, Nelson 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0017 Cardinal Community Laboratories Ltd 136 Moore Street, Christchurch 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0018 Medlab South Ltd, Christchurch 137 Kilmore Street, Christchurch 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0019 Southern Community Laboratories, Dunedin 472 George Street, Dunedin 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0020 Invercargill Medical Laboratory 103 Don Street, Invercargill 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0021 Southern Community Laboratories, Christchurch 444 Durham Street, Christchurch 1-Jan-60 31-Dec-2050
0022 Medlab Kew Kew Road, Invercargill 1-Jan-96 31-Dec-2050
0023 Skin Cancer Centre 398 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland 1-Jan-97 31-Dec-2050
0024 Southern Community Laboratories, Hastings 114 Maraekaho Road, Hastings 1-Jan-98 31-Dec-2050
0025 LabPlus PO Box 11 0031, Auckland Hospital 1-Dec-00 31-Dec-2050
0026 Labtests PO Box 109214, Auckland 1-Jan-04  
3213 Greenlane Hospital Greenlane West Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1-Jan-30 1-Dec-2000
3214 Middlemore Hospital Middlemore Road, Auckland 6 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
3215 North Shore Hospital Shakespeare Road, Takapuna 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
3239 Starship Children's Hospital Park Road, Auckland 1-Jan-30 1-Dec-00
3311 Eastbay Health (Whakatane) Stewart Street, Whakatane 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
3411 Gisborne Hospital Ormond Road, Gisborne 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
3611 Napier Hospital Hospital Hill, Napier 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
3612 Hastings Memorial Hospital Omahu Rd, Hastings 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
3811 Wairau Hospital Hospital Road, Blenheim 1-Jan-93 31-Dec-2050
3911 Nelson Hospital Waiamea Road, Nelson 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4011 Canterbury Health Laboratories Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4021 Dental School Laboratory School of Dentistry, 280 Great King Street, P O Box 647, Dunedin 1-Jan-94 31-Dec-2050
4111 Whangarei Area Health Services Hospital Road, Whangarei 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4211 Dunedin Hospital 201 King St, Dunedin 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4311 Palmerston North Hospital 50 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4411 Medlab, Timaru Queen Street, Timaru 1-Jan-94 31-Dec-2050
4511 Southland Hospital Kew Rd, Invercargill 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4711 Taranaki Base Hospital David Street, New Plymouth 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4811 Taumarunui Hospital Kururau Road, Taumarunui 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
4911 Western Bay Health (Tauranga) Cameron Road, Tauranga 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5011 Thames Hospital Mackay St, Thames 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5311 Waikato Hospital Pembroke Street, Hamilton 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5312 Lakeland Health (Rotorua) Rangiuru Street, Rotorua 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5313 Te Kuiti Hospital Ailsa St, Te Kuiti 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5325 Tokoroa Hospital Maraetai Rd, Tokoroa 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5511 Masterton Hospital Te Ore Ore Road, Masterton 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5711 Whanganui Hospital Heads Road, Whanganui 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5811 Capital Coast Health Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5812 Hutt Valley Health High Street, Lower Hutt 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
5911 Grey Hospital Greymouth 1-Jan-30 31-Dec-2050
8432 Wakefield Hospital 10 Florence Street, Newtown, Wellington 1-Jan-96 31-Dec-2050


For the national collections.

Note: Where the start date is not present, the system uses the default start date of 1 Jan 1860. Where the end date is not present, the system uses the default end date of 31 Dec 9999.

Occupation code table

For the national collections.

Statistical Standard for Occupation

Principal Health Service Purchaser code table

For the national collections.

Purchaser Purchaser code description Purchaser start date Purchaser end date
01 HFA Northern Office (retired 1 July 1999)   30/6/04
02 HFA Midland Office (retired 1 July 1999)   30/6/04
03 HFA Central Office (retired 1 July 1999)   30/6/04
04 HFA Southern Office (retired 1 July 1999)   30/6/04
05 ACC (direct) (retired 1 July 1999)   30/6/04
06 Privately funded 1/07/2003  
07 HFA Southern Office Waiting Time Fund   30/6/04
08 HFA Central Office Waiting Time Fund   30/6/04
09 HFA Midland Office Waiting Time Fund   30/6/04
10 HFA Northern Office Waiting Time Fund   30/6/04
11 Supplementary purchase (NB does not include "new money") 1/7/98 30/6/04
12 Paediatric purchase 1/7/98 30/6/04
13 DHB base purchase 1/7/99 1/7/07
14 HFA additional sustainable purchase 1/7/99 30/6/04
15 Breastscreen Aotearoa 1/7/99 30/6/09
16 Independent Practice Association 1/1/00 1/07/2012
17 Accredited employer 1/7/00  
18 DHB accident purchase - overseas patients non-MVA non-work related 1/8/00 30/6/07
19 Overseas chargeable 1/7/03  
20 Overseas eligible 1/7/03  
33 MoH Screening Pilot or Programme 1/10/11  
34 MOH-funded purchase 1/7/07  
35 DHB-funded purchase 1/7/07  
55 Due to strike 1/1/99  
98 Other/not specified    
A0 ACC - direct purchase 1/7/99  
A1 FSI - direct purchase, Fusion Insurance Services 1/7/99 1/07/2012
A2 NZI - direct purchase, NZ Insurance Ltd 1/7/99 1/07/2012
A3 HIH - direct purchase, HIH Work Able Ltd 1/7/99 1/07/2012
A4 MMI - direct purchase, MMI General Insurance (NZ) Ltd 1/7/99 1/07/2012
A5 FMG - direct purchase, Farmers' Mutual Accident Care Ltd 1/7/99 1/07/2012
A6 @WK - direct purchase, At Work Insurance Ltd 1/7/99 1/07/2012
A7 CIG - direct purchase, Cigna Insurance Ltd 1/7/99 1/07/2012

Psychiatric Leave End code table

For the national collections.

Psychiatric Leave End code
Psychiatric Leave End description
D Discharged
E Died
R Returned to the same psychiatric institution
T Transferred to another psychiatric institution

Sex Type code table

For the national collections.

Sex Type code
Sex Type description
F Female
I Indeterminate
M Male
U Unknown

Surgical Priority code table

For the national collections.

Surgical Priority code
Surgical Priority description
R Routine
S Semi-urgent
U Urgent